Gatorade Gx sweat patch and app
Wearables: Moving way beyond smart wristbands

Due to the popularity of Fitbit, Apple Watch and other similar devices, you might think the wearables category begins and ends with a tiny computer just north of your knuckles. But tech designers and...

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Bose NC headphones
Tech Explainer: How noise-cancelling works

Noise cancelling (NC) technology is loved by many, but understood by few. Its ability to block out unwanted sound helps us sleep, makes traveling more pleasant, and reduces hearing damage by offering...

Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones
Your guide to noise-cancelling headphones under $300

Working from home during a global pandemic involves a fair share of challenges. Not the least of these is finding some peace and quiet. That’s not easy amidst playing children, wailing sirens and the...

Secure CPU
Research roundup: Top security trends, ear-worn wearables

The cybersecurity scene is shifting once again. And ear-worn devices are the hot new sector of the wearables business. These are some of the latest findings from leading market watchers. Here’s your...