Intel SSD D5-P5316
Bust these 4 myths about QLC storage

Are your data-center customers being held back by 4 common myths about QLC 3D NAND storage technology? If so, they’re far from alone. Some of these mythical misconceptions have been spread by people...

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StorONE S1 AFAn drive
StorONE combines SSD performance, QLC affordability

Imagine storage software that can extract the full performance of Intel Optane SSDs, yet also tier data to lower-cost Intel QLC 3D NAND SSDs, and without a read-performance penalty. That’s the sweet...

Intel CAS
Need faster storage? These 2 technologies are better than 1

Sometimes 2 technologies really are better than 1. Your data-center customers can clear storage bottlenecks, boost I/O performance and increase server utilization by combining Intel Optane SSD...

Lightbits logo
Intel and Lightbits team up to create high-performance storage solutions

A new collaboration between Intel and Lightbits Labs can help your data-center customers lower their storage costs while improving their disk capacity utilization. This strategic collaboration was...

VAST DF-5615 active NVMe enclosure
VAST, with Intel Optane tech, offers next-gen storage

You may already know how Intel Optane persistent memory and Intel Optane SSDs can help your data-center customers optimize, store and move large and complicated data sets. But did you know that Intel...

Intel Optane Persistent Memory module
Intel Optane Technology: When to use it as memory or storage

You already know that Intel Optane Technology is pretty powerful. But which form of Intel Optane Technology — persistent memory or SSD storage — is best suited for your datacenter customers? Short...