Scale IT Up configuration
Unleash network & storage I/O across the network with Intel tech

“An Intel Xeon Scalable processor is a terrible thing to waste.” So says Intel Ethernet tech sales specialist Gary Gumanow. What Gary means is this: Delivering serious performance gains on your...

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Network attached storage
Help your SMB customers simplify with on-prem network attached storage

Are your small and medium business (SMB) customers complaining that the once-simple act of storing data has gotten complicated? If so, make things simple again. Tell them about network attached...

Intel Optane SSD 9Series
Tech Explainer: How do SSD drives work?

Solid State Drives, or SSDs, are the oft-misunderstood creatures that dwell within our PCs and mobile devices. Traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) are easier to wrap your head around. Open one up and...

Intel SSD 6 Series
Your customers’ client systems can now use latest Intel QLC 3D NAND SSDs

Do you have customers looking to upgrade PCs and other client systems with bigger, better storage? If so, Intel has an innovative new solid-state drive they’ll find interesting. Known as the Intel...

Intel SSD D5-P5316
Bust these 4 myths about QLC storage

Are your data-center customers being held back by 4 common myths about QLC 3D NAND storage technology? If so, they’re far from alone. Some of these mythical misconceptions have been spread by people...

StorONE S1 AFAn drive
StorONE combines SSD performance, QLC affordability

Imagine storage software that can extract the full performance of Intel Optane SSDs, yet also tier data to lower-cost Intel QLC 3D NAND SSDs, and without a read-performance penalty. That’s the sweet...

Intel CAS
Need faster storage? These 2 technologies are better than 1

Sometimes 2 technologies really are better than 1. Your data-center customers can clear storage bottlenecks, boost I/O performance and increase server utilization by combining Intel Optane SSD...