Intel Ethernet adapter E810
Customers need more server performance? Try faster Ethernet adapters

Would your data center customers like to get more performance from their servers? Try upgrading their Ethernet adapters. This upgrade can alleviate bottlenecks around the processor, network and...

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Intel Partner Connect
Check out the Intel Partner Connect 2020 speakers and agenda

Intel Partner Connect 2020, the virtual event set for Oct. 20, has now announced its full lineup of speakers and programs. This virtual event connects Intel partners with the industry to learn about...

Intel Server System S9200WK
Intel has a server for your every workload

Your customers may already know that Intel processors rule the data center.  But do they also know that Intel now offers fully configured servers in its Server System lineup ranging from basic, entry...

Data center pros
Polish your data center skills with Intel Partner University

Are you keeping your data center skills relevant and up to date? Now’s a good time to do this. And Intel Partner University is a great place to do it. If you’re new to Intel Partner University, it’s...

Pacific Rim animated monster
Why animators creating complex movie monsters turn to Intel and Ziva Dynamics

Think your deadlines are tough? Try making a Hollywood movie with complicated computer-generated animations. Rendering these animations is so complex, one recent movie, “The Meg,” would have taken a...

Server modernization
Server modernization: more than just a good idea

Chances are good your customers need to modernize their servers — and soon. Fortunately, industry leaders Intel and Microsoft are working together to make server modernization fast and easy for both...