Falcon Northwest's Talon gaming PC
Intel Core i9 gaming PCs: What’s the difference?

The world’s best gaming PCs have lots of components in common. After all, how many processors and GPUs can perform such Herculean feats as running “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” at 4K with ray-tracing...

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Chance the Rapper
How Intel, CDW and Chance the Rapper are helping Chicago schoolkids with remote learning

With so many schoolkids now learning remotely due to the pandemic, the need for widespread access to computers and the internet is urgent. Yet an estimated 30% of U.S. schoolkids lack either internet...

Microsoft Xbox Series S
How is the pandemic changing tech?

For an answer to the headline question, look no further than the latest earnings reports from Intel and Microsoft. Intel reported its Q4 and full-year financial results last Thursday, and Microsoft...

Intel NUC 11 Phantom
Meet the new Intel NUC 11 products

Intel has just introduced 4 NUC products — 3 Mini PCs and 1 Compute Element — based on the company’s 11th gen Intel Core processors. If you’re not yet familiar with Intel NUC Mini PCs, they are line...

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Intel NUC Competency badge
Get smart with the new Intel NUC Mini PC Competency

The Intel NUC Mini PC may be small. But delivering powerful NUC-based solutions to your customers can require just as much technical training as do larger laptops and desktops. Now you can get that...

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XBAND Enterprises
How XBAND fixes PC hardware issues up to 90% faster

"Performing automated tasks at times that don’t impact a business’s functionality lets the clients work during office hours without interruption,” says Ahmed Sharaf, CEO of XBAND Enterprises, a...

MJP Technologies
Q&A: How MJP runs PC programs faster with Intel Optane memory

In the blink of an eye. That’s how fast frequently used software programs can run on a properly configured PC. Who says? MJP Technologies, an IT solutions provider based in Ventura, Calif. In...