Telehealth display
How Banner Health created a telehealth system based on Intel NUC

Imagine having to transform nearly 1,000 hospital-room TVs into virtual care endpoints — and in record time. That exact challenge was faced by nonprofit health system Banner Health earlier this year...

Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop
5 ways ‘Platformation’ can change how you think about desktop PCs

Intel is promoting a new concept to change how partners think about selling and developing PCs. The concept, which Intel calls Desktop Platformation, aims to move beyond PC components and instead...

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Intel NUC 8 Pro boardroom
Your best choice for hybrid-location working: Intel NUC + Intel Unite

As the coronavirus pandemic lingers, many workers will need to transition from WFH to work from anywhere. In this new hybrid environment, your customers may sometimes work from home, sometimes in an...

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HP Elite Dragonfly
Story of the week: Where’s the WFH boost in PC sales?

You'd expect the huge increase in work-from-home (WFH) employees to translate into an equally huge increase in the number of PCs sold. You might expect it, but you’d be wrong. To be sure, the...

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Thunderbolt cable
Get ready for USB4, coming soon

The popular USB standard — the U doesn’t stand for “ubiquitous,” but it might as well — is about to get a whole lot faster. Twice as fast, to be exact, with the new USB4 protocol pre-announced today...

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HP EliteBook 800
Today's PC business according to Dell & HP

What’s the current state of the PC business? Dell and HP, two of the biggest PC suppliers, just gave tech providers a glimpse. Both suppliers this week reported quarterly financial results that...

Acer TravelMate X3410
Pre-CES, Acer & ASUS intro PCs for SMBs, content creators

This year’s big CES show, at which scores of electronics products will be announced, doesn’t formally get started in Las Vegas until next Tuesday. But Acer and ASUS aren’t waiting. To beat the crowd...