HP Pro c640 Chromebook
In K-12 EdTech, it’s Chromebooks for the win

The pandemic has transformed the K-12 EdTech market, probably forever. One winner, at least in the short-term, has been the Chromebook. And one surprising loser has been Apple. According to recent...

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K-12 EdTech
EdTech heats up with Chromebooks, PCs, more

The school year now wrapping up was tough for educators, parents and students. But the term starting this September should be a whole lot better for all — including tech providers serving the K-12...

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DaaS users
Device as a Service offers savings for your customers, new revenue for you

How would you like to offer your customers the power and functionality of a full-fledged PC, but without all the complexity and capital expense — all while earning a pretty penny for your efforts? If...

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Intel NUC Mini PC
Intel NUC Mini PCs: Where elegance and efficiency meet

Have you experienced the Intel NUC yet? NUC rhymes with “buck,” and it’s a full-powered mini-PC that could bring you some serious bucks. The Intel NUC is part of the larger PC market — which, as I’m...

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Intel DaaS Specialist
Plug into Intel’s Device as a Service (DaaS) specialty for partners

Device as a Service (DaaS) is hot, and Intel’s new program for partners with expertise in this area delivers valuable benefits. The Intel Partner Alliance Device as a Service Specialty rewards...

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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Pro devices combine PC, tablet, phone

Wouldn’t it be cool if one device could give you the power of a PC, the convenience of a tablet and the mobility of a smartphone? That’s what Samsung has set out to do. The company today announced...

Education technology
Get schooled on edtech with these 9 Intel Partner University courses

The K-12 educational technology market is hot. And with so many students now learning from home, the requirements have changed dramatically. Demand for innovative setups is high from both schools and...

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