G6 Communications
Q&A: Why G6 Communications has standardized on Intel vPro tech

Lots of tech providers may brag about their systems being bulletproof. But only a few can say they offer military-grade IT. One of them is G6 Communications. Based in Bluffton, Ind., G6 was founded...

MSI Stealth 15M gaming PC
Get your game on with ultraportable PCs

Sales of PCs swelled to new highs in 2020. Researchers estimate shipments of around 300 million units worlwide, marking double-digit growth from the prior year.   It’s no surprise that the...

Lenovo ThinkVision
Up, up and away: PC, GPU, phone, smart-home sales all booming

Now is a good time to be in hardware. People who have held onto their jobs during the pandemic are also holding onto a lot of cash. After all, they’re not buying airplane tickets, not booking hotel...

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Intel NUC Mini PC
Get 5 new MSP resources to boost your Intel NUC sales

If you’re a managed services provider that includes in your offerings the Intel NUC Mini PC, Intel has 5 new sales resources for you. As you probably know, the Intel NUC Mini PCs offer high-level...

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Falcon Northwest's Talon gaming PC
Intel Core i9 gaming PCs: What’s the difference?

The world’s best gaming PCs have lots of components in common. After all, how many processors and GPUs can perform such Herculean feats as running “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” at 4K with ray-tracing...

Chance the Rapper
How Intel, CDW and Chance the Rapper are helping Chicago schoolkids with remote learning

With so many schoolkids now learning remotely due to the pandemic, the need for widespread access to computers and the internet is urgent. Yet an estimated 30% of U.S. schoolkids lack either internet...

Microsoft Xbox Series S
How is the pandemic changing tech?

For an answer to the headline question, look no further than the latest earnings reports from Intel and Microsoft. Intel reported its Q4 and full-year financial results last Thursday, and Microsoft...