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EdTech: Check out the latest training courses from Intel Partner University

Education technology is hot. Do you have the skills and knowledge to get in? Yesterday’s skills won’t do because EdTech has been transformed by the pandemic. Remote learning, once merely an...

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Dell XPS 13 laptop
Research roundup: PC sales – Q4:21 and looking ahead

While much about Covid-19 is subject to debate, one thing about the pandemic surely isn’t: It’s been really good for the PC business. With so many people working from home, studying from home, or...

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Q&A: How Intelecis resolves hardware issues faster with PCs built on the Intel vPro platform

Would you be interested in making a simple hardware swap that would cut the time you need to resolve hardware problems by 75 percent? Intelecis Inc., a provider of managed security services based in...

CES 2022
Check out new PCs galore from CES 2022

This year’s big CES conference in Las Vegas isn’t quite as big as the organizers had hoped. Yet that hasn’t stopped leading PC vendors. Due to the pandemic, some tech companies are attending CES 2022...

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Discover the 7 most popular blog posts of 2021

2021 was a lot of things, but one thing it wasn’t was boring. Intel got a new CEO who decided to fabricate chips for others. Microsoft introduced Windows 11. Facebook changed its name to Meta. And 5G...

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Acer Aspire Vero
5 coolest new products of 2021

In some ways 2021 felt like a rerun of 2020. But in tech, it was a big year for innovation. Just like last year, 2021 brought us new virus variants, lingering global supply-chain problems, and a...

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Intel NUC 9 Pro
Why your SMB customers should meet Intel NUC

Intel NUC and small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are a match made in business heaven. As you may know, there’s nothing small about the computing needs of small businesses. Likewise, there’s nothing...

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