Q&A: How MESHD keeps healthcare customers compliant with the Intel vPro platform

For MESHD MSP of Knoxville, Tenn., building IT systems for healthcare compliance is a top job. For another top job, keeping customers’ PCs up and running, MESHD relies on the Intel vPro platform....


Intel NUC 12 Extreme Mini PC
Tech Explainer: How do mini-PCs perform hot, yet stay cool?

Gaze at a mini-PC long enough, and you may wonder how something so small can contain so much computing power. After all, that turtle-shell-sized box doesn’t occupy more than a tiny sliver of your...

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Partner market insights, summer 2022 edition

By Jason Kimrey Welcome to the summer 2022 edition of my Partner Market Insights! We’re seeing some areas of the business heating up while others show signs of cooling. PC shipment decline: Worldwide...

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Meet the refreshed Intel NUC M15 Laptop Kit – now with 12th gen Intel Core CPU

Whether you’re looking to enter the laptop business or just add a new device to your existing portfolio, Intel has refreshed a cool laptop for you. It’s called the Intel NUC M15 Laptop Kit, and it’s...

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Mobile IT Force logo
Q&A: How Mobile IT Force keeps Hawaii systems rolling with Intel vPro

Honolulu is a great place for a vacation, but a lot of work gets done there, too. Keeping the IT of local businesses up and running is the task of Mobile IT Force. Founded in 2009, the company...

Dell Vostro 3510 laptop
Low-end PCs: strong sellers in an otherwise weak market

The slowdown of the overall PC market is big news. This week, two leading market watchers, IDC and Gartner, said PC shipments in the second quarter fell by 15.3% and 12.6%, respectively. (Each...

CBM Technology
Q&A: IT veteran CBM Technology discovers new benefits from the Intel vPro Platform

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? For over 45 years CBM Technology has been providing IT solutions to customers in and around its home state of Louisiana. Now the IT service provider...