Intel NUC webinar
On-demand webinar: Grow your business with Intel NUC

A new on-demand webinar can help you discover the secret sauce behind the successful Intel NUC Mini PCs, Elements, laptop kits and more. This 50-minute webinar is led by Alicia McCallen, an Intel...

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Acer Aspire Vero laptop
How new ‘green’ PC gear can help you fight e-waste

The world’s growing mountain of discarded electrical and electronic equipment — better known as E-waste — is a big and growing problem. Leading PC makers are starting to do something about it. In...

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Intel NUC Co-branding badges
Get help selling Intel NUC-based systems with new Intel Co-Branded Program

Need help marketing Intel NUC-based products and solutions? Whether you’re including an Intel NUC Mini PC, NUC Board or NUC Element, Intel is here to help. The company is offering the new Intel NUC...

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Intel Evo laptops
How to get refreshed marketing help for Intel Evo laptops

Need help telling your customers about the benefits of Intel Evo laptops? Well, now that help is here. Intel Partner Marketing Studio recently refreshed assets that can help you spread the word about...

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Intel NUC Competency badge
Stay competitive with the refreshed Intel NUC Mini PC Solutions Competency

The more you know about the Intel NUC, the better able you’ll be to recommend, install and implement this Mini PC for your customers. To ensure you have updated information on the latest Intel NUC...

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Intel vPro Platform
Infographic: How to sell business desktops based on 11th gen Intel Core vPro CPUs

Don’t count out desktops. Especially when they’re loaded with the latest 11th gen Intel Core vPro processors. Laptops may be getting all the attention. But U.S. shipments of desktop PCs actually rose...

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Logitech K780 wireless keyboard
Hitting the road? Follow these 4 rules to choose the right mobile peripherals

Now that people are traveling again, however hesitantly, this could be the perfect time for you and your customers to build a great mobile setup. But pick your gear carefully. The ideal mobile...

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