Corsair air-cooling system
Tech Explainer: How gaming PCs keep their cool

Cooling systems are the unsung heroes of PC gaming. Coolers may not be all that glamorous. They’re quietly efficient. They don’t call much attention to themselves. But without the right cooling...

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Lenovo ThinkStation P350 Tower
Meet the latest PCs from Lenovo, Acer, HP

Demand for PCs is nearly as hot as the weather. Last year, PC demand was driven by everyone suddenly working from home. This year, you might think demand would weaken, but it hasn’t. In fact,...

SpinetiX digital signage
How Intel NUC helps a leading digital-signage provider serve SMBs

Intel’s NUC Mini-PC is helping SpinetiX, a Swiss supplier of digital signage systems, serve small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in telecom, retail and other verticals. Previously, most digital...

HP Pro c640 Chromebook
In K-12 EdTech, it’s Chromebooks for the win

The pandemic has transformed the K-12 EdTech market, probably forever. One winner, at least in the short-term, has been the Chromebook. And one surprising loser has been Apple. According to recent...

K-12 EdTech
EdTech heats up with Chromebooks, PCs, more

The school year now wrapping up was tough for educators, parents and students. But the term starting this September should be a whole lot better for all — including tech providers serving the K-12...

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DaaS users
Device as a Service offers savings for your customers, new revenue for you

How would you like to offer your customers the power and functionality of a full-fledged PC, but without all the complexity and capital expense — all while earning a pretty penny for your efforts? If...

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Intel NUC Mini PC
Intel NUC Mini PCs: Where elegance and efficiency meet

Have you experienced the Intel NUC yet? NUC rhymes with “buck,” and it’s a full-powered mini-PC that could bring you some serious bucks. The Intel NUC is part of the larger PC market — which, as I’m...

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