Edge computing
Tech Explainer: What is edge computing?

Edge computing is like a modern car engine: It’s something many people use every day, but hardly anyone understands. One good definition comes from Alex Reznik of the ETSI standards organization. He...

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Selling IoT Solutions Competency badge
Become IoT-competent with Intel Competencies

The Internet of Things offers you great new opportunities. But IoT technology is complex, and the skills tech providers need can be hard to acquire. That’s why Intel Partner University is offering 3...

Intel Select Solutions
Deploy solutions faster, easier with Intel Select Solutions and Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits

When it comes to deploying solutions, could your business use a jump-start? Today’s solutions are complex. Many extend from on-premises servers to edge devices outside the firewall. Others connect...

Intel Select Solutions
Bring innovation to market faster with Intel-based Solutions

Are you frustrated by an inability to bring innovative data center and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to market as quickly as you’d like? Do you find solutions require skills and expertise you...

Intel robotic store assistant
Think robotics is out of your league? Think again

Think robots are limited to auto factories and therefore out of reach? Think again. Your next iced caramel mocha latte could come from a robotic barista. Your coffee is ready For sure, automakers...

Tile trackers
Tech explainer: How do digital trackers track?

It’s 6 o’clock, do you know where your keys are? Or, for that matter, your wallet, laptop or suitcase? You would if these items were equipped with digital trackers. Digital trackers are wireless...

Intel Partner Connect 2021
Meet Intel’s 2021 U.S. partners of the year

Intel this week named 30 U.S. “Partners of the Year,” recognizing their outstanding achievements. The awards were announced yesterday at the Intel Partner Connect 2021 virtual conference. The U.S....