Microsoft xCloud gaming controller
Tech Explainer: How gaming in the cloud works

Gaming is moving from the console to the cloud. That’s good news for both casual and enthusiast gamers who want variety, convenience and instant gratification. And who don’t want to spend a bundle on...

Flight Simulator 2020 screenshot
Here’s the gear you need to make flight simulation take flight

Guess who’s gearing up to spend some big bucks on PC hardware? Yup, the gamers are back, and with their credit cards ready.    But now it ain’t Fortnite they’re after. This time it’s a whole...

HP Omen Frequency Wireless Headset
Meet HP’s new gaming gear — all wireless

Clutter isn’t cool. That’s the thinking behind HP’s newest wireless gear for gamers. Announced today by HP are a new headset, mouse and keyboard for gaming PCs. All three devices use WARP Wireless...