Telehealth display
Why telehealth is part of the ‘new normal’

One surprising result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the way it accelerated the adoption of certain technologies. Think of how many people bought new laptops, tablets, wireless routers and more,...

In the Zone video podcast
Video: Get ‘In the Zone’ to do business in a post-pandemic world

Fingers crossed, we’ll soon be living and working in a post-pandemic world. That’s most likely going to involve both new technologies and new ways of working with older technologies. To learn more,...

3 new ways the tech industry is responding to the pandemic

The pandemic and its associated lockdown are changing the way people work, go to school, shop, socialize and a lot more. The tech industry has taken notice — and it’s responding. The pandemic is...

Retail tech
Focus on retail: Creating a new customer experience

When is retail going back to the way it used to be? It’s not. The changes brought about by the pandemic, including consumer behavior, are here to stay. That also includes technology. According to a...

TikTok logo
Story of the week: TikTok, Microsoft and President Trump

Tech industry acquisitions often get government oversight, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the attention the U.S. government is showering on Microsoft’s possible acquisition of the TikTok...