Horizon Workrooms virtual meeting
Metaverse meeting tech: Come together, virtually

Metaverse technology may be new, but it’s surprisingly easy to find a metaverse meeting space. A growing number of suppliers are eager to invite your hybrid workforce into the infinite space of Web3...

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Metaverse workers
Metaverse: Tap into this emerging market’s 7 building blocks

The metaverse promises to be technology’s next big thing. How big? Well, researchers at Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions believe that by 2030, the metaverse could present a commercial...

3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor
Get smarter, faster with AI accelerators in Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Chances are good your data-center customers are getting involved with AI. It’s a big, fast-growing market. Last year AI sales worldwide topped $93 billion, according to Grand View Research. Looking...

Aurora supercomputer
Tech Explainer: What’s the Aurora supercomputer all about?

Have you ever seen a $500 million supercomputer? Few people have. But these computing behemoths—there are currently around 500 of them worldwide—work every day to make our lives better. The newest...

AI adviser
Become an AI trusted adviser — with help from Intel

Can tech providers become trusted advisers on an advanced, complicated technology such as artificial intelligence? Yes, and here’s why: If your customers are using the right processors, AI is just...

Future of the internet
5 ways the internet could change by 2035

What will the internet look like 13 years from now? That’s the question Pew Research Center recently put before hundreds of technology experts. The answers from these experts have been compiled in a...

Intel Partner Alliance
Join Intel partner webinar & learn where managed services are headed

The new year has a lot in store: AI, hybrid worker security, cloud security, and more. How will you tell your customers about the impact of these technology transformations? And how will you position...