Acer Swift 5 laptop
Meet new Acer, Lenovo laptops powered by 12th gen Intel Core CPUs

For your client-side customers who need the latest, greatest processors, Acer and Lenovo both recently introduced PCs powered by 12th gen Intel Core processors. These processors were introduced by...

CES 2022
Check out new PCs galore from CES 2022

This year’s big CES conference in Las Vegas isn’t quite as big as the organizers had hoped. Yet that hasn’t stopped leading PC vendors. Due to the pandemic, some tech companies are attending CES 2022...

Acer TravelMate X3410
Pre-CES, Acer & ASUS intro PCs for SMBs, content creators

This year’s big CES show, at which scores of electronics products will be announced, doesn’t formally get started in Las Vegas until next Tuesday. But Acer and ASUS aren’t waiting. To beat the crowd...