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Ann Kelleher of Intel
5 top takeaways from Intel’s process and packaging announcements

Last night Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and Ann Kelleher, Intel’s GM of technology development, led a webcast to highlight new developments at the company. Here are 5 top takeaways: 1. The new Intel...

Intel NUC Visual Solutions
With Intel NUC Visual Solutions, the eyes have it

Visual solutions are hot. Customer kiosks, digital signage, computer vision and digital whiteboards are all big, fast-growing markets. > Computer vision: The worldwide market was worth $10.6...

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Telehealth display
Why telehealth is part of the ‘new normal’

One surprising result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the way it accelerated the adoption of certain technologies. Think of how many people bought new laptops, tablets, wireless routers and more,...

11th gen Intel Core desktop processor
Infographic: How to sell 11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors

Do you know your customers’ desktop pain points? If so, you’re halfway to knowing how to sell the 11 gen Intel Core desktop processor family. Are your customers talking about cores, threads and FPS...

Corsair air-cooling system
Tech Explainer: How gaming PCs keep their cool

Cooling systems are the unsung heroes of PC gaming. Coolers may not be all that glamorous. They’re quietly efficient. They don’t call much attention to themselves. But without the right cooling...

Lenovo ThinkStation P350 Tower
Meet the latest PCs from Lenovo, Acer, HP

Demand for PCs is nearly as hot as the weather. Last year, PC demand was driven by everyone suddenly working from home. This year, you might think demand would weaken, but it hasn’t. In fact,...

Microsoft Office mobile apps
Working from wherever? These mobile apps can help

Forget getting back to normal. The global pandemic has created a new work from home (WFH) culture that’s here to stay. Mobile apps are making the transition, too. The latest ones will let you and...