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Microsoft xCloud gaming controller
Tech Explainer: How gaming in the cloud works

Gaming is moving from the console to the cloud. That’s good news for both casual and enthusiast gamers who want variety, convenience and instant gratification. And who don’t want to spend a bundle on...

Broad Center for Genomic Data Engineering
Why 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors go hand-in-hand with life sciences

The 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and life sciences are a bit like apple pie and ice cream: good separately, even better together. To optimize life sciences codes, Intel has engaged...

Intel Architecture Day 2021
Intel Architecture Day: The momentum is building

By Jason Kimrey Last week was an exciting one for Intel and our partners. At Intel Architecture Day, we built on our bold vision for a new generation of innovation and technology leadership. If you...

Intel Sapphire Rapids system-on-chip
5 top takeaways from Intel Architecture Day 2021

Intel is holding its Architecture Day today. Already, Intel has detailed architectural innovations the company says will be needed to meet the coming demand for ubiquitous computing, pervasive...

Intel DCM screenshot
4 reasons to check out the latest Intel DCM updates

If your data-center customers aren’t yet using Intel Data Center Manager, they now have 4 great new reasons to get on board. Intel DCM is included as part of the advanced system management key on...

Intel Partner Alliance
Intel Partner Alliance enhances your member benefits

Intel Partner Alliance has just added 2 benefits to make your membership even more valuable and appealing: expanded access to training, and public access. As you may know, Intel Partner Alliance...

Intel NUC Elements
How Intel NUC Elements give solution providers end-to-end flexibility

Mini PCs can bring big business. Just ask Loop International. The solution provider, which offers compute devices based on Scandinavian design, powers some of its All-in-One PCs with the Intel NUC...