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Intel RealSense Touchless Control Software
Solving the touch-interface conundrum

Poking at touchscreens in public places has definitely fallen out of fashion. An action that at one time would not have even registered with a person is now the basis for a conscious decision, maybe...

Intel server products
Need world-class products & services for datacenter customers? Get help from Intel

Selecting the right servers for your customers and their workloads is only half the battle. The other half is keeping those servers up and running. For this important job, Intel is here to help....

Intel Partner Alliance
Unlock the benefits of Intel Partner Alliance

The new Intel Partner Alliance, launched in January, offers you some powerful benefits. But to enjoy those benefits, you’ll need to make sure you’ve activated your account. IPA unifies all Intel...

Chance the Rapper
How Intel, CDW and Chance the Rapper are helping Chicago schoolkids with remote learning

With so many schoolkids now learning remotely due to the pandemic, the need for widespread access to computers and the internet is urgent. Yet an estimated 30% of U.S. schoolkids lack either internet...

Intel Ethernet adapter E810
Versatile 100G Ethernet Port Configuration: Intel’s Swiss Army knife for servers

Connecting a server to a networking switch may sound simple enough. But in reality, it can be pretty complicated. For one, a server has only so many PCIe slots to go around. Balancing bandwidth with...

Microsoft Xbox Series S
How is the pandemic changing tech?

For an answer to the headline question, look no further than the latest earnings reports from Intel and Microsoft. Intel reported its Q4 and full-year financial results last Thursday, and Microsoft...

Thomas Friedman and Amnon Shashua
Video: Watch this AI fireside chat

In this new half-hour video, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Thomas Friedman and Mobileye’s’ laureate Prof. Amnon Shashua sit down for a virtual fireside chat to unpack the global...