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Digital transformation
Research roundup: 6 tech forces, 10 DX shifts, 6 smart-home drivers

Six forces are about to change the way you do business. Ten trends are driving digital transformation. And 6 trends are poised to transform the smart home. These are some of the latest figures from...

AI user
Challenging times call for responsible AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful new tool, but it also has limitations. Program in your biases, and it turns out your AI system will be biased, too. Intel is dedicated to using AI for good...

Eric Townsend of Intel
Video: Securely manage your remote workforce

The millions of employees now working from home are creating a new security risk: They’re no longer protected by a corporate firewall. Few of these workers understand how frequent data breaches are....

IT Support Rhode Island
Q&A: How IT Support Rhode Island speeds laptops with Intel Optane memory

It’s common wisdom that more memory makes for a faster PC. But is that actually true? To put it to the test, IT Support Rhode Island recently compared two laptops, one with Intel Optane memory H10...

Intel Solutions Marketplace
Coming soon: the new Intel Solutions Marketplace

Intel Solutions Marketplace is getting a major refresh soon. Here’s your tech provider’s preview. As you may know, Intel Solutions Marketplace is an online forum that connects Intel partners....

Virtual Intel Partner Connect 2020 - now available on demand
Miss Intel Partner Connect 2020? Catch the virtual sessions on demand

Did you miss the Intel Partner Connect 2020 event held virtually on Oct. 20? Or were there sessions you simply couldn’t attend? Either way, no problem. You can now view Intel Partner Connect 2020 on...

Enabling the remote workforce video podcast
Video: Enable your remote workforce

Nearly everyone’s a remote worker these days. Yet best practices for equipping and managing these remote workers are still hard to come by. Get help with a new video podcast, “Pardon the integration...