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In the Zone

AI + Xeon
3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors + AI = a powerful pair

If you still think artificial intelligence is a specialized niche application for scientists, it’s time to update your thinking. The new reality is that AI is “becoming ubiquitous across all...

In The Zone
Video podcast: Get ‘In the Zone’ with tech diversity, mobile CPUs, pandemic burnout

Tech giants including Dell and HP are pushing for greater workforce diversity. Intel has announced its 11th gen Core H-series mobile processors. And IT leaders are worried about employees suffering...

RODECaster Pro mixing console
Bring your podcasts up a notch with this cool high-tech gear

Well, it had to happen: former President Obama and Bruce Springsteen have a podcast together. So do Rob Lowe and Oprah (obvs!). There are now so many podcasts, it’s as easy to find commentary on...

Intel Ethernet adapter E810
OEMs integrating latest Intel Ethernet adapters into servers

Leading OEMs are now shipping the latest Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters integrated into their branded servers. For your data-center customers, that makes buying the latest Intel...

Tile trackers
Tech explainer: How do digital trackers track?

It’s 6 o’clock, do you know where your keys are? Or, for that matter, your wallet, laptop or suitcase? You would if these items were equipped with digital trackers. Digital trackers are wireless...

Deloitte joins Intel partner program as a Titanium partner

The strategic alliance between Intel and Deloitte will accelerate the digital transformation of both public-sector and enterprise customers with a twofold focus: > Fast-tracking the journey to...

3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor
Here come servers based on the latest 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors

The new 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, announced in April, are now shipping to OEMs. That means you and your customers can now purchase data-center servers powered by Intel’s latest CPUs....