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Do you provide tech solutions to consumers and home-office workers? If so, a new survey could surprise you. It finds consumers understand the threats of identity theft and other cybersecurity issues, but aren’t doing much about it.

The survey, conducted by security software supplier McAfee, reached some 6,400 consumers. The results were just published here, but here’s your tech provider’s summary:

The worry-action gap: Over 60% of consumers surveyed say they’re more worried about cybersec than they were 5 years ago. But only 37% have signed up for identity-threat protection solutions. And nearly 30% said they have no plans whatsoever to change that.

ID woes: Consumers know about identity threat, and increasingly, it worries them. Fully a third (33%) of those surveyed say protecting their ID is now their No. 1 cybersec priority.

Basic action: Some consumers are monitoring their online identities, the survey found, but in ways that are fairly time-consuming, yet not all that effective. These include checking credit-card statements for unauthorized charges (reported by 67%), checking social media for fraudulent posts (43%) and using a credit-monitoring service (just 37%). Another 15% say they take no actions at all.

Home worries: The connected home needs protection. The good news, according to the survey, is that nearly 60% of respondents change the password on any new device. And 66% say they limit who can access their home network. That’s good. But just over half (52%) say they’re unsure how to secure connected devices and apps, meaning they’re probably not doing anything about it.

Kids’ issues: Children can get into trouble online, and parents need to protect them. But the survey finds that fewer than half (44%) control the devices in the household and only let kids go online when they can be monitored. And only 1 in 4 use software to monitor their kids’ online behavior. No surprise, perhaps, that 40% say they’ve found their kids visiting websites they don’t approve of.

Privacy under pressure: In the survey, close to half (43%) of respondents say they feel a lack of control over their personal information. And a third said they’re unsure how companies collect their personal information.

The takeaway: Tech providers who serve consumers should review those customers’ security measures. If your consumer customers are anything like the respondents to the McAfee survey, they're not doing enough. And they definitely need your help beefing up their ID and privacy protection. 


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