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With the latest artificial intelligence (AI) applications and technologies, business will be transformed.

The term “AI” may conjure images of killer robots and Star Trek food replicators. For real-life businesses — including your clients — AI promises to be far more mundane. Yet AI should still be highly effective.

Consider the potential value of tireless machines analyzing thousands of data streams, day and night. Many SMBs collect huge amounts of data from their customer interactions, online sales, social-media streams and marketing efforts. But few have the resources to decode it. As a result, the potential of that real-time feedback too often goes unrealized.

AI can change all that. With the help of AI, your customers can dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of their analytics systems.

Intel’s AI Future

When it comes to AI, Intel is digging in deep. The company recently made two acquisitions to bolster its AI prowess: Nervana Systems and Movidius. With these buys, Intel has dramatically expanded its portfolio of machine-learning and deep-learning software. The results are something we’ll all be able to experience firsthand.

Take Intel’s RealSense technology. It enables self-aware cameras that “understand” their position in the physical world. Devices equipped with this technology — ranging from rugged tablets to aerial drones — are capable of navigation, depth sensing, making complex decisions and offering solutions. And all without direct human input.

intel realsense

Intel RealSense integrates human-like senses into devices.

That brings us to the age of self-driving cars. Major players including Tesla, Google and Uber are racing into this market. The mass adoption of autonomous vehicles — not just cars, but also trucks, trains, boats and planes — should bring an amazing array of opportunities. Traffic lights and road signs will never be the same!

Everywhere Intelligence

But AI isn’t just something for the future. It’s in your pocket now. AI drives the facial-recognition software in your digital photo album. It also informs the talk-to-text app that turns your voice messages into emails.

The potential of AI appears unlimited. Your customers will be able to capitalize on it by deploying devices like Real Sense-enabled cellphones and PCs equipped with Intel’s Xeon Phi processor.

In the very near future, SMBs will also be able to use AI to increase their own operational efficiency. AI can help lower the cost of functions including customer service, sales and data analysis.

AI technology is close — much closer than your clients might know. How will you help them implement it?

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