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One of the highlights of this year’s XChange 2017 conference, held last week in Orlando, Fla., was the keynote discussion led by The Channel Company’s CEO, Robert Faletra.

XChange, if you haven’t attended in the past, is an annual gathering of the IT channel’s premier solution providers and technology vendors.

This year’s discussion was titled “Livin’ on the Edge: The Tech Solutions that will Drive Tomorrow’s Revenue.” It featured a lively discussion among a group of solution providers on the benefits of adopting technology solutions, including IoT, DevOps, containers, hyperconvergence, public cloud, next-gen security and mobile.

The first question: “Are you an early adopter of new technology?”

The responses included:

> “I like to be in a little later.” That, from John Head, chief evangelist and business development leader with PSC Group, a Schaumburg, Ill.-based business technology consulting firm.

> “We spend a lot of time with our partners. Nobody wants to be a ‘me, too,’ but if you don’t have a full set of solutions, people ask why you don’t do what everybody else does. Great customers are willing to be honest with you.” That was from Michael Knight, CTO of Encore Technology Group. His company, based in Greenville, S.C., offers IT solutions for educational institutions, industry and government agencies.

Another question: “Have you ever missed out on a new technology because you assumed it would not catch on?”

> “Keep track of your business,” answered Michael Lomonaco, director of marketing and communications with OST, a Washington, D.C., firm that offers management consulting, R&D and engineering services. “When it’s heading in the wrong direction, fix it immediately.”

Yet another: “How do you teach innovation?”

> “To get internal business leaders to think differently, we start off with workshops,” answered John Shaw, CEO of Digital Nebula, an enterprise AI firm based in Austin, Texas. “Get business folks together. We talk about how they can use AI and different technologies to transform their business. The collective is always stronger than the individual. We teach people to think about the customer experience and then work backward.”

As you can see, no two solution providers approach early adoption of new technology the same way.

How about you? Are you an early adopter? One who takes a wait-and-see approach? Or somewhere in between? 

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