Training improves your business, but it also takes time. U.S.-based employees spent, on average, more than a work week’s worth of hours on training, last year, according to the Training Magazine 2018 Training Industry Report. That’s why you need a vendor who makes good use of that time.

“The reality is getting your teams trained [and] getting your salespeople trained helps [you] understand where the market’s going. It [also] makes it easier to sell,” says Todd Garrigues, Intel Corporation’s director of partner sales programs. Intel’s training program has evolved to offer partners a more consolidated and personalized experience. Introducing Intel Partner University, a single training portal for each individual partner with content based around their focus and level of experience.

“We’re really focused on trying to offer more in-depth training, as well as offering role-based training,” explains Garrigues. “So, if you’re more sales oriented or if you're technical or if you're in marketing, we’ll have some role-based differences as well.”

Intel knows it needs a partner base that’s up to date on Intel technology to succeed, and it recognizes partners who put in the effort. Solution providers receive competencies with each training course they complete and can display those accolades on their online platforms. “Our technology doesn’t get to market without our partners and without the channel,” says Jason Kimrey, general manager of U.S. channel scale and partners at Intel Corporation.

“We absolutely rely on our partners to take the great technology that we develop, but then deliver real solutions and value around that.”

Intel partners in the Americas completed 200,000 training courses, last year. Now, Intel Partner University will give partners even more opportunities for training based on their schedules with a mobile-friendly platform.