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Working from home
Video highlight: How Intel vPro tech can help you support WFH devices

With so many people now working from home, running a tech provider business is more challenging than ever. You now need to serve customers remotely, often without being able to visit their offices....

Zoom call
Zoom vs. Teams vs. Meet: Which is best for your customers?

Around the time most of the planet got the shelter-in-place order, it became obvious that working and hanging out with our regular cliques could be a deadly proposition. Most of us quickly turned to...

HP Elite Dragonfly
Story of the week: Where’s the WFH boost in PC sales?

You'd expect the huge increase in work-from-home (WFH) employees to translate into an equally huge increase in the number of PCs sold. You might expect it, but you’d be wrong. To be sure, the...

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HP EliteOne 800 All-in-One G6
Check out HP’s new notebooks, workstations, AiO for your WFH customers

With the pandemic lockdown now entering its third month, a lot of people have been unpleasantly surprised by their home PCs and networks. Those systems may have been fine for streaming the occasional...

Working from home
Video highlight: How to keep work-from-home customers connected

You customer has set up a new office in the basement? Great idea. But not if their phone shows no bars. Ditto for an intermittent network. With so many people now working from home, these new...

CBE IT Solutions
Q&A: Remote access with Intel vPro is a ‘magnet’ for CBE

In technology terms, the year 1975 is another universe. PCs are available only as kits for nerdy hobbyists. Cellphones don’t exist. The minicomputer, that extinct dinosaur, still roams the earth. But...

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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
The return of the affordable smartphone

A thousand bucks for a smartphone? During a pandemic-infused financial crisis? “You gotta be kidding me,” said the entire world. Then the entire world put its money where its mouth was. In the first...

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