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Ambient Computing: Amazon Echo
Ambient computing: coming to a workplace near you?

Ambient computing refers to a new class of devices that are located in a shared setting, such as a kitchen or living room, and controlled by voice. So far, these devices are being promoted mainly for...

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Microsoft Surface Laptop
Microsoft counters Chromebooks with new laptop, Win10 variation

Q: When is a Chromebook not really a Chromebook? A: When it’s a new system from Microsoft. Microsoft yesterday introduced its response to the Chromebook juggernaut: a new, cloud-friendly laptop and a...

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Acer Aspire
Acer intros 2-in-1s, gaming systems, notebooks, more

Acer had what must be the mother of all press conferences in New York yesterday, announcing a long, long list of new products. These are new 2-in-1s, notebooks, desktop, gaming systems, monitors and...

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Windows10 Creators Update
Windows 10 Creators Update: what’s new, 2 weeks in

It’s been only 2 weeks since Microsoft rolled out its Windows 10 Creators Update for PCs, but in that short time, a lot’s happened. Here’s your solution provider’s update. > “Millions of customers...

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Intel Optane for PCs
Intel now shipping Optane memory for PCs

Optane is Intel’s newest memory technology. Introduced earlier this year, it’s intended to dramatically speed applications, games and large-file loading. The PC version of Optane, introduced by Intel...

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HP Spectre x360 13.3 notebook
PC sales in Q1 were tough, but biz systems could help

Found it challenging to sell more PCs this year? You’re not alone. New figures from market watchers IDC and Gartner point to a Q1 market that was either flat or down slightly, depending on how you...

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Win10 Creators Update
7 things you need to know about Win10 Creators Update, being released today

Today’s the day when Microsoft begins releasing the Windows 10 Creators Update. Here are 7 things solution providers need to know about this latest version of the popular PC operating system: 1)...

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