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IDC PC Vendor Sales Decline
PC shipments fell again in Q2

Like the last day of a summer cold, the PC market is bad, but not as bad as it was. According to a new report from market watcher IDC, worldwide PC shipments in the second quarter of this year...

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VR-ready PC: Lenovo ThinkCenter
VR-ready PCs are coming! Just be ready to pay the price

Top-tier PC manufacturer Lenovo is pushing into the world of virtual reality with a spate of VR-ready desktops certified by Oculus Rift. Lenovo says its latest entry, the sub-$2,000 ThinkCentre 910t...

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Satya Nadella Microsoft Inspire
Microsoft intros solutions, programs at Inspire partner conference

If you’re a Microsoft channel partner, or would like to be, the company has a bunch of new offers for you. This week Microsoft is holding its annual worldwide partner conference, now rebranded...

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2-in-1s devices: Lenovo Yoga
You need 2-in-1s devices in your PC product mix: Gartner

If you offer PCs to your customers, but haven’t yet added 2-in-1 devices to the mix, better get going. Unit sales of traditional desktop and laptop PCs will decline through at least 2019, predicts a...

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Intel SSD 545s drive
Microsoft, Intel want to make your customers’ PCs faster & easier

Faster and easier sound good, right? Well, Intel and Microsoft this week both introduced products and features that will help your customers run their PCs faster and easier. Here’s your solution...

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Microsoft Windows Defender ATP
Windows 10 Creators Update: new security features coming

Cyberattacks are scary. Hackers have gotten more sophisticated, and the damage they wreak is getting massive. To help, Microsoft today announced plans that should make you and your customers feel a...

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Intel Optane for PCs
Miss our Intel Optane live chat? Here’s your recap

The topic of yesterday’s Business Compute Forum live chat was Intel Optane memory for desktop PCs. And our guest speaker was Madhura Nataraju, Intel Optane memory product manager in Intel’s client...

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