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Intel Core X-series processors
Intel ships Core Extreme Edition - ‘final piece of the puzzle’

The puzzle in this case is Intel’s Core X-series desktop processor family, introduced at the Computex show this past May. Earlier this week, Intel announced that it’s now shipping to ecosystem...

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8th Gen Intel Core i7 and i5
Intel intros 8th Gen Core Desktop CPUs, sets sales for Oct. 5

Intel this week announced the second group of 8th Gen Intel Core “Coffee Lake” processors and set sales to begin on Oct. 5. The new CPUs are officially known as the 8th Gen Intel Core Desktop...

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Virtual Assistants
Virtual assistants: the platform race is on!

The world of virtual assistants is about to get even more interesting. Voice-recognition and voice-processing technologies are advancing quickly, bringing Star Trek-worthy functionality. Voice-...

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Don’t overlook the WLAN market — it’s in ‘growth mode’

Looking for a fast-growing market to expand into? Check out wireless local-area networks. In this year’s second quarter, businesses increased their purchases of WLAN gear by a healthy 9.4%, according...

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8th Gen Intel Core Processor Family
New PCs with 8th Gen Intel Core CPUs are here

When Intel introduced its 8th Gen Core processor family in late August, the company also said that several tier-1 PC hardware suppliers would announce Windows 10 systems based on the new CPUs soon....

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Core i9 X Series processor
Intel Core X + Optane memory = high-end gaming

If your enthusiast gaming customers are hungry for the ultimate performance, Intel’s new Core i9 X-series processors could be just what they’re looking for. Intel has been in the process of rolling...

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Samsung Galaxy Note8
What do the new $1K smartphones mean for your business?

What do they mean? In a world where a perfectly adequate desktop or laptop PC can be bought for less than $1,000, quite a lot. The question is far from academic. Apple is expected to introduce its...

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