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Device as a Service Competency on Intel Partner University
Device as a Service: Get competent with Intel Partner University

With so many people working from home, Device as a Service (DaaS) makes a lot of sense. That’s especially true for SMBs struggling to pay for all the additional IT support and maintenance services...

Intel NUC 8 Pro Mini PC
Grow your MSP business with Intel NUC

Are you a managed service provider (MSP) looking to grow your business with new services such as digital signage and collaboration? If so, you’re in luck. Intel has updated its NUC Navigator site to...

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Microsoft Surface home user
Story of the week: Intel, Microsoft earnings buoyed by strong PC sales

People stuck at home during this pandemic really are buying a lot of new PCs. Both Intel and Microsoft reported quarterly earnings this week, and both companies’ results benefited from new demand for...

SpinetiX digital signage
Digital signage made easy: join the webinar on July 28

Tech providers now have an easy way to turn an Intel NUC 8 Rugged Mini PC into a ready-to-use digital signage appliance. If that sounds appealing, you won’t want to miss a webinar being held next...

Prowise touch screen
Bring people together with tech from Intel Solutions Marketplace

It may sound like a tall claim, but technology really can bring people together. Consider 2 solutions in Intel Solutions Marketplace. Beabloo combines AI with digital signage to help retailers assess...

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SimExperience car racing simulator
Take these 3 less-traveled ways to get into PC gaming

For tech providers, now’s the perfect time to explore new markets. And one of the best markets to explore is gaming. Sure, the economy is on a roller coaster, and uncertainty lies ahead. But gaming...

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Platformation video highlight
Video highlight: Platformation for today’s PCs

Intel wants to interest you in a new way of thinking about selling and developing PCs. It’s called Platformation. The basic idea is to move beyond PC components — processors, disk drives and the like...

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