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PC users
Why you may not be using the right PC benchmarking tool

Ever notice how TV ads for new cars always show those vehicles on roads that are completely empty, even in the middle of a big city? There’s not a traffic jam, construction barrier or even another...

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Alienware Aurora R11
The best HPC systems of 2020

If 2020 has been the year of working at home, it’s also been the year of high performance computing (HPC) upgrades for the home office. With all that enterprise-level hardware gathering dust at...

In the Zone
Video: Get ‘In the Zone’ with responsible AI, securing remote workers, the upcoming Intel Partner Alliance

There’s so much going on in the world right now — the elections, the pandemic, the price of Taylor Swift’s song catalog — that it’s easy to lose touch with the latest tech news. To keep up, watch the...

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G6 Communications
G6 Communications reduces PC OS repair times by 87%

The ability to remotely repair OS issues without a truck roll is just one reason why managed services provider G6 Communications uses PCs built on the Intel vPro platform and Intel Endpoint...

Bose NC headphones
Tech Explainer: How noise-cancelling works

Noise cancelling (NC) technology is loved by many, but understood by few. Its ability to block out unwanted sound helps us sleep, makes traveling more pleasant, and reduces hearing damage by offering...

Eric Townsend of Intel
Video: Securely manage your remote workforce

The millions of employees now working from home are creating a new security risk: They’re no longer protected by a corporate firewall. Few of these workers understand how frequent data breaches are....

IT Support Rhode Island
Q&A: How IT Support Rhode Island speeds laptops with Intel Optane memory

It’s common wisdom that more memory makes for a faster PC. But is that actually true? To put it to the test, IT Support Rhode Island recently compared two laptops, one with Intel Optane memory H10...