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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone
Tech Explainer: How do the new flip phones flip?

Flip phones are making a comeback. Like Led Zeppelin reissued on 180-gram vinyl, what’s old is new again. But to produce this new generation of smartphones, scientists and engineers are this time...

Focus on education: IBM survey finds teachers, admins lack cybersec awareness

You can’t fight an enemy effectively if you barely know they exist. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much what educators are up against when it comes to cybersecurity. Schools have become major targets...

Intel vPro Platform
Video: Why MSPs like the Intel vPro platform

The Intel vPro platform is built for business. Sounds good, but what does that actually mean for managed service providers and their PC-using customers ? Performance, for one. “Our clients that...

Intel EMA
Video: Support remote devices with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant

With so many people now working from home, remote management has never been more important. Good news: Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) unlocks the remote management features of the Intel...

Intel RealSense Touchless Control Software
Solving the touch-interface conundrum

Poking at touchscreens in public places has definitely fallen out of fashion. An action that at one time would not have even registered with a person is now the basis for a conscious decision, maybe...

Chance the Rapper
How Intel, CDW and Chance the Rapper are helping Chicago schoolkids with remote learning

With so many schoolkids now learning remotely due to the pandemic, the need for widespread access to computers and the internet is urgent. Yet an estimated 30% of U.S. schoolkids lack either internet...

Microsoft Xbox Series S
How is the pandemic changing tech?

For an answer to the headline question, look no further than the latest earnings reports from Intel and Microsoft. Intel reported its Q4 and full-year financial results last Thursday, and Microsoft...