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The next major update of Microsoft’s Windows 10 PC operating system is coming soon, and it will give users more control over future updates.

Microsoft announced yesterday that the new OS release, codenamed 19H1 and now known officially as the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, will be available in the Release Preview Ring for users in the Windows Insider Program starting next week. This production-quality release will be rolled out in phases.

Broader availability of Win10 May 2019 Update will begin in late May for 3 groups of users:

> Commercial customers

> Users who choose the new May 2019 Update for their Windows 10 PC via “check for updates”

> Customers whose devices are nearing the end of support on a given release

More user control

Microsoft is also changing the Windows update process, giving users more control.

Previously, Win10 feature update rollouts were initiated on a device automatically.

Now Microsoft will notify the user that an update is available. Then it will be up to the user to determine when the update actually occurs.

There will be one exception. When a Win10 devices is at or near end-of-service, Win10 will automatically initiate a feature update.

Windows 10 will also gain a new “Download and install now” option. This option will be found in Windows Update settings. Microsoft says this feature will be available for 2 popular versions of Win10, versions 1803 and 1809, by late May.

And even more

In addition, Microsoft plans 3 other improvements for the Windows 10 May 2019 Update:

> Extended ability to pause updates: Users will be able to set 5 pauses, each for as long as 7 days, for a total of up to 35 days.

> Intelligent active hours: Users can let Windows set their “active hours” - times when they’re normally working, and when Windows should not make an update.

> Improved update orchestration: This will coordinate updates from both Windows and Microsoft Store, so they occur when users are away from their devices.

If your customers need to refresh older Windows 7 PCs, this could be the right time for their move to Win10. The May 2019 Update, by giving users more control over their software, looks to be worth the wait.


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