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Video: Hybrid tech for hybrid work

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by Peter Krass on 03/21/2022
Blog Category: devices

If you’re struggling to support “work from anywhere” users, you’re far from alone.

Where and how people worked have changed dramatically in the last two years. And to support “work from anywhere” staff, technology is changing. So are the demands on tech providers.

This hybrid workforce and what it means for technology is the topic of the latest “Pardon the Integration” video.

Entitled “Hybrid Architecture for The Hybrid World,” the new video features Eric Townsend, director of SMB partner and MSP marketing at Intel. He’s in discussion with Ed Hannan, senior digital content manager at The Channel Co.

In this short (approx. 12 minutes) video, Ed and Eric discuss 3 timely topics:

> The new “work from anywhere” workplace

> How Intel supports the new hybrid workforce

> 12 gen vPro solutions — What technology leap just happened?

Watch the video now:


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