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Kevin Wasielewski lives life on technology’s cutting edge. His company, Origin PC, is a Miami, Fla.-based builder of customizable, high-performance gaming PC systems.

“In our industry of technology,” Kevin says, “things move extremely fast. And if you miss out on something, you’re way behind.”

One way Kevin stays ahead is with his Platinum level membership in the Intel Technology Provider program. To learn how ITP can help you stay tech-smart, watch this short video of Kevin speaking at Intel Solutions Summit 2017 with Andrea Medeiros, content services director, The Channel Co.

Among the many benefits of ITP membership, Kevin says number one is partnerships. “If a product launch is coming up, we’ll get information from Intel,” he explains. “But then we’ll also talk with the motherboard partners.”

He adds: “That helps us compete because we get a wealth of information ahead of time. You get information sooner, you can talk about new products together, come up with new ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.”

Missing out on ITP membership? Says Kevin: “That’s a huge mistake, a missed opportunity.”

Check out the many benefits of Intel Technology Provider.


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