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Tech Provider Zone holiday gift guide, 2020 edition

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by Kevin Jacoby on 12/11/2020
Blog Category: devices

’Tis the season to spend some money. But what to buy for the tech geek in your life? With so many gadgets to choose from, option anxiety constitutes a clear and present danger.

Never fear, we’re here to help. Behold, the Tech Provider Zone Holiday Gift Guide, 2020 edition.

For the Beleaguered Apple TV Owner

What: One for All - Streamer Remote

Where: Best Buy

How much: $25

If you know someone who owns an Apple TV, then you also know someone who hates the included remote.

Apple, usually one of the best designers in the world, really dropped the ball with the Apple TV’s remote. Fortunately, a company called One For All has picked it up.

One For All’s Streamer Remote echoes the size and shape of the standard Apple TV remote. But it adds 1 thing that Apple forgot: usability.

For about $25, your giftee can enjoy easy scrolling, volume changing and general UI navigation — and without tearing out any hair.

One for All Streamer Remote

Streamer Remote: a better take on the Apple TV classic

One caveat: The Streamer Remote connects with IR, not Bluetooth. So to get this remote to work, you’ll have to actually point it at the Apple TV. But for easy binging, that’s a small price to pay.

For the Image-Conscious Zoomer

What: Razer Kiyo


How much: $100

Think back to your last video chat. Did one of the chatters look pale and sickly, with sunken eyes and fuzzy hair? Chances are that person’s health is fine. It’s their webcam that’s sick.

For those who want to look good while chatting, Razer has introduced Kiyo, an HD webcam with a built-in ring light.

Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo: high-def video & lighting in 1 easy package

Kiyo offers 1080p resolution at 30 frames/second with a slightly wider than usual 82-degree field of view. And the light is programmed with 3 sensible defaults: bright, dim and off. That makes it easy to use, and hard to look bad.

For the Indoor Exerciser

What: The Mirror


How much: Starting at $1,495 + $39/mo.

Do you know someone aiming to have a killer post-pandemic bod? Do they already own a talking mirror?

If not, this could be just the holiday cheer they need. The Mirror hangs on the wall, just like a regular mirror. That’s the low-tech part. During a workout, the user watches their reflection to make sure they’re using the correct form.

The high-tech part comes from the embedded smart display. It projects a professional trainer onto the screen for some one-on-one panting and sweating.

There’s also an embedded camera. It keeps an eye out throughout the session, delivering real-time adjustments based on your fitness goals.

The Mirror

The Mirror: 1-on-1 workouts are the name of the game

The Mirror’s $39/month subscription price delivers an ever-expanding selection of workouts, including yoga, Latin dance, kickboxing and Tai Chi. Each workout also includes a curated music playlist to keep the energy up and the tunes flowing.

For the Person Absolutely Never Going Back to the Office

What: Autonomous Zen Work Pod


How much: $5,400 (pre-order)

The pandemic has shown us that working from home long-term is indeed possible. For many, it has even become preferable. If, that is, they can find some peace and quiet.

That’s where the Atonomous Zen Work Pod comes in.

It’s an outside office with all the comforts of your old office, minus the commute. That includes built-in shelves, a desk and chair, tempered glass walls, and sustainable oak and walnut components.

To be sure, it’s compact. The interior space measures roughly 6 1/2 x 8 feet, and the ceiling measures 10 1/2 feet at its highest point.

Autonomous Zen Work Pod

Zen Work Pod: Instant office — including desk & chair

Just pull the 5,400-dollar trigger, and the pod will arrive at your home in just 2 to 4 days. The full setup and assembly is completed for you in about 72 hours. Then, viola!, instant office without the obligatory breakroom chatter.

For the Ultimate Movie Fanatic

What: LG Signature Z9


How much: $30,000

It’s OLED. It’s 88 inches. It’s 8K. It’s insane.

What do you get for the person who has everything? The LG Signature Z9, a TV that costs as much as a well-equipped Toyota Camry.

The Z9’s organic LED delivers the sharpest picture currently available. And, at 88 inches, it also delivers the largest.

The sound, of course, is Dolby Atmos. Which means you’ll want to pair it with the best surround sound system money can buy.

LG Signature Z9 TV

LG Signature Z9 OLED TV: 88 inches of 8K def

The Z9 has its own brain capable of streaming and binging ‘till the cows come home. This smart TV’s smarts include Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, Google Assistant, and its own hands-free voice control system.

As a bonus, the Z9 looks like a piece of modern art. Now you’ll just need an art collector’s budget.

Go forth and spend thy ducats

Time’s running out. If you want to get those gifts under the tree before Santa comes down the chimney, now’s the time to do it.

Happy shopping!


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