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Stay competitive with the refreshed Intel NUC Mini PC Solutions Competency

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by Peter Krass on 09/15/2021
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The more you know about the Intel NUC, the better able you’ll be to recommend, install and implement this Mini PC for your customers.

To ensure you have updated information on the latest Intel NUC devices, the company has recently refreshed and renewed the Intel NUC Mini PC Solutions Competency.


Competencies, part of Intel Partner University, are deeper training curriculums that help you build expertise in a product, technology or business segment. Complete a Competency, and you’ll also earn a digital badge you can display in your email signatures and via social media for up to 18 months.

New NUCs

The Intel NUC Competency has undergone a thorough refresh. To bring you the most timely, relevant information, older courses have been removed and new courses have been added.

Currently, the Intel NUC Competency comprises 17 mandatory courses. Of these, about half are new.

For example, one of the new courses in the Intel NUC Competency is Unboxing the Intel NUC 11 Pro Mini PC (Tiger Canyon). Another is Intel NUC Pro Chassis Element Assembly (Fort Beach).

Also, some of these new courses are available only as part of the Competency curriculum. In other words, they’re not being offered as standalone courses.

One example of a Competency-only course is Unboxing and Customizing the Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast Mini PC (Phantom Canyon). In this 20-minute course, you’ll see what comes out of the “Phantom Canyon” box and learn how to customize and implement backlit graphics.

Exceeding expectations

Intel says the popularity of the Intel NUC Competency has far exceeded its original expectations.

The company originally aimed to award 50 badges for the NUC Competency in the first year. Instead, 80 individuals from a variety of Gold and Titanium level distributors, integrators and solution providers completed the NUC Competency in just the first 10 months.

Also, as announced previously, Intel has now made the Competencies available to all Intel Partner Alliance members. Previously, Competencies were available only to members at the Gold and Titanium levels.

Partner endorsement

But don’t just take my word for it. Here's what one of Intel’s partners — Robert Hacker, senior system engineer at Dallmeier Electronic — had to say:

The Intel NUC Competency did an excellent job of showing the different types of Intel NUC products available and the appropriate use cases for each. The training materials were very useful, and I have been able to pass the knowledge through to customers and staff.

Intel NUCs had not been part of our core business, but because of everything I learned through the competency, we won some add-on business. We benefited from expanding our business, and the customer was grateful that we delivered an excellent solution for them. That is the kind of customer service that leads to repeat business.

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Gaining new technical skills has never been more important. Check out the updated Intel NUC Mini PC Solutions Competency.

Intel Partner University courses and Competencies are available to all members of the Intel Partner Alliance. Not yet an IPA member? Then learn more about the program and register now.


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