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Solving the touch-interface conundrum

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by Intel on 02/03/2021
Blog Category: devices

Poking at touchscreens in public places has definitely fallen out of fashion. An action that at one time would not have even registered with a person is now the basis for a conscious decision, maybe even a matter of personal debate:  

> Who touched that screen before me?

> Has that screen been sanitized?

> What if I infect it for the next person? 

> Is this safe?

These are questions we never would have considered 12 months ago. But now they’re common, even normal.

Enter a simply elegant solution to turn touchscreen displays and kiosks into touchless ones. Intel RealSense Touchless Control Software (TCS) is a cost-effective way to transition to touchless systems, and without writing software code or replacing existing displays.

Intel TCS

Intel RealSense TCS works with the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435 to enable a safer way for users to interact with public displays.

Intel RealSense camera

The Intel RealSense TCS software sits on top of existing software, and the camera is mounted directly above the screen. This supports a variety of screen sizes in landscape or portrait modes.

For your customers in retail, hospitality, banking and more, this is a simple yet effective solution to make their clientele feel safe and comfortable.

Learn how you can put this to work for your customers. Watch this on-demand demo replay from CES.


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