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Selling back-to-school edtech? Get help from Intel

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by Peter Krass on 07/25/2022
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Sure, it’s only July, but the start of the new school year is coming soon. Many colleges and universities now begin their fall semesters in August. And your local K-12 school probably isn’t far behind.

To help you and other education technology (edtech) leaders, Intel has created Intel Skills for Innovation. It’s a framework for teachers and students, ensuring they have the tech today for developing tomorrow’s skills.

Intel is confident that these new skills will be needed soon. The company cites a report from consultants McKinsey & Co. predicting that by the year 2030, 30% of all work hours will be automated. Intel also notes the rise of remote work, as well as the new skills and practices it requires.

What exactly are these new skills? Intel says they’ll include analytical thinking, innovation, tech design, leadership, emotional intelligence, and even systems analysis. In other words, a pretty tall order.

That’s why using tech to merely access and consume information is no longer enough, Intel says. Instead, students need devices, tools and training that can help them do much more. That includes understanding and analyzing problems, as well as creating never-before-seen solutions. An even taller order.

Transformational tech

To help your local educators transform their programs, Intel offers them (and you) several valuable resources:

> Devices: Helping teachers and administrators select the right computers to help students reach their goals.

> Remote Learning: Intel’s Education Group has partnered with leading U.S. teachers to create guides supporting the transition to remote learning.

> School Tech: The right devices help make education relevant and timely.

> Virtual Reality: PC-based VR learning experiences can engage students in fully immersive, hands-on activities.

> Intel AI Academy: Training and other resources to educate tomorrow’s AI developers, data scientists, students and professors. These resources include self-paced courses, live workshops and webinars.

> Esports in Education: More than just fun and games, Esports is a new way to build skills. Those include math, science, engineering, technology and art.

Get edtech training

If you’re a tech provider looking to either enter the edtech market or expand your current edtech offerings, you can get help from Intel training.

Intel Partner University now offers more than 20 training courses on K-12 edtech. Here’s just a sampling of what’s available:

> The Right Device for K-12 Education: Learn to equip today’s students for tomorrow’s skills.

> Multitasking in the Virtual K-12 Education: Get recommendations based on an Intel-commissioned survey.

> K-12 Esports Selling Strategies for U.S. Partners: Learn tips for qualifying leads.

> Maximizing Your Education-Selling Business: See how Intel’s framework and tools can help you win edtech contracts.

For members of Intel Partner Alliance, these training courses are free. Complete a course and you’ll also accumulate points you can apply to your IPA member benefits.

Not yet a member of Intel Partner Alliance? Check out the program and register to join today.


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