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Sell more vPro with Intel training

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by Peter Krass on 06/16/2022
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Selling takes smarts. That’s why Intel Partner University has just released the new Client Platform Competency. This in-depth training program can get you skilled up to sell and recommend the latest devices built on Intel vPro.

You may know that in March, Intel announced the latest Intel vPro platform, powered by 12th Gen Intel Core processors. With this move, Intel vPro now delivers a complete portfolio to meet the technology demands and computing needs of businesses of all sizes:

> Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows OS: Continues to raise the bar with professional-grade performance, security, manageability and stability features for both enterprise and managed businesses of all sizes.

> Intel vPro Essentials: Extends to small businesses built-in security and PC management features previously available for larger enterprises only. Provides security features that protect the PC right out of the box, along with built-in remote manageability features.

> Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome OS: Creates a new class of Chromebooks with business-level performance, stability and security.

> Intel vPro, An Evo Design:  Provides both a next-level experience for mobile professionals and features that make IT’s life easier.

Get in-depth training

To help you sell and deliver more customer value with the latest version of the Intel vPro platform, Intel Partner University has just launched the new Client Platform Competency.

Competencies are in-depth training curriculums that help you build expertise in Intel products, technologies and business segments. The newly updated Client Platforms Competency features 16 training courses.

Client Platforms Competency

Completing the full Competency will take a little over 4 hours, but you can take the courses one at a time. They range in length from just 14 to 20 minutes — short enough to squeeze into a lunch break.

Get focused on sales 

This new Client Platform Competency also has an enhanced focus on sales. For example, you’ll learn how to match products and technologies with your customers’ needs. You’ll also gain the skills and insights needed to help your customers navigate the commercial computing landscape. You can help offer and derive more value and solve more of your customers’ challenges.

Complete the Client Platforms Competency on Intel Partner University, and you’ll gain the insights needed to sell and recommend the latest Intel vPro platform to your customers.

You’ll also earn a digital badge (pictured above). You can use this badge to showcase your expertise online, increasing your credibility both within your company and with your customers.

Invest in learning and enhancing your business:

> Check out the new Client Platform Competency on Intel Partner University

> Explore the Intel vPro platform

Intel Partner University is just one of the many benefits enjoyed by members of Intel Partner Alliance. Not yet a member? Learn more about IPA and register to join.


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