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Q&A: Why remote manageability is ‘huge’ for Just Right

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by Intel on 05/07/2020
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It’s no surprise that John Gibson is a big fan of Intel vPro technology.

His San Diego-based IT support company, Just Right, deploys PCs based on Intel vPro tech for better functionality and lower service delivery costs. And the company’s improvements have been remarkable:

> A 95% reduction in the average time needed to resolve an OS problem, from 240 minutes to just 13.

> The total elimination of PC downtime, from an average of 45 minutes per PC to zero.

> A doubling of the number of PCs managed by one technician, from 40 up to 80.

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Even better, Just Right has been able to use Intel vPro technology in conjunction with its existing management console software. That’s allowed the company, founded by Gibson in 1995, to continue offering its customers 24 x 7 support.

John Gibson, founder and CEO, Just Right

John Gibson, founder and CEO of Just Right

To learn more, we recently sat down with John Gibson for a discussion. Here are some selected highlights:

Why is remote access so important to Just Right?

Remote access is huge. In the past, we had cases where we had to go on-site because the computer wasn’t on. But now, the ability to remotely turn on a computer and access it with Intel Active Management Technology is huge for our productivity. It saves us time and money, because it’s going to be a lot quicker. It also helps with customer satisfaction, because they don’t have to turn the computer on.

Are there business benefits too?

Yes. Reducing on-site visits allows us to focus on other things. It expands the tech usage, saving us time and money. We’re counting on gaining more clients, even larger clients now. We’re expecting to double the number of endpoints we can manage and be able to hire another tech in the near future.

How are you getting customers to help you with remote management?

We always recommend PCs built on the Intel vPro platform. We always lead with it because we see it as a huge advantage, both for us and for the customer.

For example, we’ve got a prospective client who is due for a hardware refresh. We will definitely recommend the Intel vPro platform, because they will be replacing 50 to 60 computers. Even though there’s an upfront cost of upgrading to the Intel vPro platform, just the cost of electricity alone will be saved.

Are you partial to any PC brand?

We typically recommend Lenovo to our clients. The primary reason is that Lenovo seems to be more of a channel-friendly company. It feels like they’re looking out for us. They also provide more options for configuring computers.

Also, Lenovo edges everyone else out on innovation. Their laptop designs are the standard that everyone else follows.

Ready to improve your remote manageability? Check out the Intel vPro Navigator.


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