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Q&A: Why MJP Technologies relies on PCs with the Intel vPro platform

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by Intel on 09/08/2022
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MJP Technologies has been serving IT customers in the Ventura, Calif.,  area since 1993 with its one-stop tech solutions approach. One essential tool for the company is the Intel vPro platform.

This Intel vPro platform is built for business and designed for performance, security, manageability and stability. And it has helped MJP reduce the average time needed to resolve a customer hardware problem from a painful 2 hours to a quick 13 minutes.

Similarly, MJP has used the Intel vPro platform to cut the time it needs to resolve customer software problems from well over an hour (75 minutes) to just 20 minutes.

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How? To get answers, we spoke recently with Jas Batra, MJP’s VP of new technologies.

Q: What do you see as the main benefits of the Intel vPro platform?

Intel vPro has always been something we want every customer to have. It’s so much more efficient, both for us and for them. It saves us a lot of time and money with the reduction in travel time, reduced staffing needs and other benefits.

Q: How does Intel vPro help you reduce the time needed to resolve hardware and software problems?

With Intel vPro’s remote out-of-band management, we can diagnose hardware issues with a quick remote session. That saves us massive amounts of on-site time.

Likewise, with “blue screen” and other non-functional OS errors, we can get systems up and running from error to user login without going on site.

Q: How about reducing PC downtime?

With vPro and scheduled boot-ups, when a user turns off their system, we can be assured that the system will fire up at night and do the tasks it needs to do. We can be preemptive instead of reactive.

Q: Does Intel vPro help you cut deskside visits?

Without vPro, many customers require one or two visits, sometimes every week.

Using vPro capabilities, we may only need to head in for the occasional “We exist, how are things going?” type of on-site visit. That saves us a lot.

Q: And patching?

Some customers have had ransomware, and phishing is a major problem. So we talk with them about how vPro can minimize their security issues.

We can run patches outside business hours, without downtime. And without user intervention or interference, there's less risk of patching being skipped.

Q: Everyone’s looking to get more done without adding headcount. How about you?

Staffing is a struggle, so it’s been helpful to us to enable our employees to sit in one spot and work on 4 or 5 systems at one time. Plus, with Intel vPro and EMA [Intel Endpoint Management Assistant], most actions can be done in the background or after hours.

Q: Have you tapped into Intel Partner Alliance?

Yes, we’ve been Intel Partners since the late 1990s. In addition to access to our rep, we really appreciate how easy it is to access roadmaps and technical information online, including Intel Partner University and Partner Marketing Studio.

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