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Q&A: Pelycon keeps customers rolling with Intel vPro

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by Intel on 11/03/2022
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Business continuity is the name of the game for Pelycon Technologies, an IT managed services provider based in Lexington, Ky. The company, founded in 2016, strives to act like part of its customers’ staffs, recommending and building systems to help their businesses thrive.

One key technology for Pelycon is the Intel vPro platform. Working with this Intel technology, Pelycon has cut the average time needed to resolve a customer’s hardware problem from over 45 minutes to less than 30.

OS problems, which once took Pelycon an average of 30 minutes to resolve, with Intel vPro get cleared up in less than 20. And the number of PCs a single technician can manage is rising from 150 to over 200, also thanks to the Intel vPro platform.

To learn more, we spoke recently with Pelycon co-owner and co-founder Nick Conness.

Pelycon Technologies

Q: How does Intel vPro help you support customers’ PCs?

For us, the killer feature is getting access to the BIOS or anything outside the Windows operating system. This can clearly save us time and truck rolls.

Right now, Intel vPro makes the most sense as a standard recommendation to our most demanding clients as well as those that are more than an hour or so away. That way, we can serve them more efficiently.

Q: How does Intel vPro help you resolve hardware and OS problems so quickly?

The great thing with Intel vPro is that we can diagnose problems remotely. That includes like blue screens or any boot-loader issues. This saves us a trip and makes us more efficient.

Although most of our clients are in central Kentucky now, Intel vPro will be a must-have as we expand to serve clients in more geographically disperse areas. The platform will save us from having to make physical trips. It will also allow us to diagnose and fix things for those clients who are two hours or more away, which right now is more difficult.

Q: How does Intel vPro help your technicians serve more clients?

Right now, each of our technicians serves about 150 PCs. With vPro, that number goes way up.

Without vPro, we just tell our techs to keep clients happy, which often means truck rolls. If we can still keep our clients happy and do that more efficiently, then everyone wins.

With vPro, I think we can maintain quality and save ourselves time, and save ourselves a hire. That’s what we’re looking for.

Q: You recommend Lenovo PCs. Why?

Although we’ve always been manufacturer-agnostic, we’ve had a great track record with Lenovo. Their products are reliable and powerful, and their rewards help us deliver competitive prices.

Q: You favor D&H as your distributor. What are the benefits?

Compared with our previous distributor, D&H offers a website that’s easier to use. Their reps are much easier to work with, too.

If one of our clients is expanding to a new office and needs new systems, monitors and warranties, we can get everything we need really easily through the D&H website.


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