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Q&A: IT veteran CBM Technology discovers new benefits from the Intel vPro Platform

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by Intel on 07/08/2022
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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? For over 45 years CBM Technology has been providing IT solutions to customers in and around its home state of Louisiana. Now the IT service provider has discovered the benefits of the Intel vPro Platform.

Those benefits from the Intel vPro platform include a nearly 90% lowering of monthly PC downtime among CBM’s customers. And a 33% reduction in the time CBM needs to achieve 95% patch saturation.

CBM Technology

To find out how, we spoke recently with 2 members of the CBM staff: Emile Oliver, a young computer technician, and the company’s VP, Tye Miller.

Tye Miller, VP of CBM Technology

Tye Miller, VP of CBM Technology

How did the Intel vPro platform help you lower monthly PC downtime by nearly 90%?

Emile Oliver: We used to have to schedule out deskside visits, which sometimes led to extended downtime. Now, right away we’re able to start looking at issues remotely. Obviously, this reduces downtime. But it also strengthens the relationship with our clients from a sales perspective because it really proves our value.

And lowering the time you need to achieve 95% patch saturation by 33%?

Emile Oliver: The main advantage of Intel vPro is that you can power on a PC and apply patches right away. There’s no delay while we wait to see whether the client goes back online. Also, we know immediately if a PC has been decommissioned or is out for warranty repair.

How does that support CBM’s business growth?

Emile Oliver: As we expand our business to serve clients nationwide, the remote capabilities of the Intel vPro platform are helping us reduce both the number of boots on the ground and the need to ship units.

We had a smooth deployment of Intel EMA [Intel Endpoint Management Assistant] and have been taking advantage of the remote on/off capabilities and the patching efficiencies. Also, being able to simplify the learning curve for our new technicians with the easy-to-learn tools and automations has been really valuable.

Intel vPro is also helping you reduce truck rolls for lower costs and better service, right?

Emile Oliver: Intel vPro’s out-of-band management has been very useful for Windows resets, where now we can easily re-image computers for clients with high employee turnover. It’s saving us a lot of time by eliminating truck rolls. And it helps us to serve clients with lower service levels that don’t want to pay for on-site support.

You specify Lenovo PCs. Why’s that?

Tye Miller: We’re really satisfied with Lenovo and its quality. The company’s products are very reputable, and we don’t see much hardware failure. That makes us feel confident in putting our name behind them.

You also work with ConnectWise for certain tools, right?

Tye Miller: ConnectWise is the company we really use daily, hourly, and by the minute. They offer powerful RMM [remote monitoring & management) tools that we’ve relied on for years.

Your preferred distributor?

Tye Miller: Our sales team is really happy and satisfied with TD SYNNEX, which is our primary distributor. They bend over backward to get us the best deal and to win our business. They provide the personal touch, and they continually reach out to find out how they can improve.

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