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Q&A: How VNR cuts hardware-resolution times in half with Intel vPro technology

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by Intel on 08/04/2020
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“Synergy” means creating a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

And synergy is exactly what VNR Tech Solutions, a managed services provider based in central New Jersey, has gotten by combining its existing management console software with PCs featuring Intel vPro technology.

VNR Tech Solutions

With the synergy of this powerful combination, VNR has achieved:

> An up to 50% reduction in the time needed to resolve a hardware problem.

> An up to 60% reduction in the time needed to resolve blue-screen issues.

To learn more about how VNR did this, we spoke recently with the company’s president, Vince Robinson. Following are highlights from our discussion.

Vince Robinson, president, VNR Tech Solutions

Vince Robinson, president, VNR Tech Solutions

You recommend that all your customers use Intel vPro technology in their PCs. Why?

Because Intel vPro allows us to manage more systems and remediate problems quickly and remotely.

It all boils down to this: Our average client is 30 minutes away, so we end up wasting a large amount of time driving. But Intel vPro-based PCs let us handle more issues remotely from our office. So the technology makes us much more efficient.

And in the future, as our customer installed base gradually becomes more and more vPro-based, this will have a significant positive impact on our margins.

How have you used Intel vPro technology to cut hardware-repair times in half?

If a customer has a hardware issue on their PC, they may be up to an hour’s drive away from us. With Intel vPro, we can diagnose the issue remotely. So when we make the first visit, we’ll take the right part. And we’ll avoid the need for a second visit.

This is a big deal: Our average time savings is 60 minutes. Also, our client is back in business faster, and our communication with the client is clearer.

How did you cut blue-screen repair times by 60%?

With Intel vPro’s KVM [keyboard, video, mouse] Remote Control. It allows us to diagnose and usually fix a blue-screened PC remotely, without having to drive to the customer’s location.

The time savings is significant, about a half-hour on average. Plus, the service level for our customer is improved. Our customers are back in business faster, and they’re saving money through improved productivity.

Earlier, you mentioned improved margins. How does remote manageability of PCs help with that?

Take a client who is 25 miles away. It could take us an hour to get there, then an hour to get back. That can add up to $200 in useless cost, just to drive around.

So any time you don’t have to roll a truck is great. And Intel vPro-based PCs greatly reduce deskside visits.

I estimate that a customer with Intel vPro-based PCs will need just a third of the desktop visits required by a customer who doesn’t have vPro.

During the pandemic, is Intel vPro helping you manage customers working from home?

Yes. With COVID, more and more of our customers’ employees are becoming remote workers. We’ve seen a great increase in the number of PCs that we support in workers’ homes. So reliable remote access is now more essential than ever.

Intel vPro’s superior remote capabilities — and the fact that they’re integrated into our Datto RMM remote management console — make vPro-based PCs ideal for the changes we’re seeing.

In fact, having Intel vPro technology capabilities integrated into Datto RMM greatly improves the value of Datto to our business. So we get a significant additional value for no additional investment.

You favor Lenovo’s PC hardware. Why is that?

Like any MSP, we find that the service we receive from our vendors is critical. Lenovo’s support for both sales and technology is top-notch. If we need something, I know Lenovo will take care of it.


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