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Q&A: How the Intel vPro platform helps Women’s Pavilion get more done in less time

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by Intel on 03/22/2022
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Getting more work done in less time — who could argue with that?

Not Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi. This group of physicians and nurse practitioners employs state-of-the art technology from three locations to offer a full range of obstetrics and gynecological services ranging from initial exams to childbirth and beyond.

Women's Pavilion

Women’s Pavilion has standardized on Dell PCs powered by the Intel vPro platform, and the results have been impressive. Using this dynamic duo, Women’s Pavilion’s average time needed to resolve a hardware problem has dropped from 60 minutes to just 15.

The average time needed to resolve an OS problem has fallen from 15 minutes to 5. And the number of deskside visits per month, from 10 to just 2.

To learn more, we spoke with Women’s Pavilion’s IT director, David Judice.

Why do you recommend PCs built on the Intel vPro platform?

The Intel vPro platform is hugely important for me because I’m just one person managing 115 workstations. Anything I can do to be more efficient is crucial.

Some of the workstations are used by labor and delivery physicians who are on call 24x7. I work closely with them to make sure they stay online and have access to client records.

Where the Intel vPro platform really helps is getting to the BIOS level. That lets me make changes there. Or, if a system isn’t powering up, I can power it up remotely to determine the issue.

My assumption used to be: If a remote PC is having issues, I’m going to have to go see what's going on — whether it’s in the building or another location. Most of our locations are 30 minutes away from where I sit, so saving that drive time really increases my efficiency.

I’ve already seen how the Intel vPro platform is going to be a massive help to me, and it will absolutely be our standard for PCs going forward.

Why is remote management so helpful to you?

If I have to push firmware or BIOS updates out to systems, the ability to do that remotely is massive.

I do most of my maintenance work when the clinics are closed. And if one system locks up or doesn’t reboot, using Intel Active Management Technology to remotely access that machine and figure out what's going on is a big help. It really is an enormous assistance to have access to the technology available in the Intel vPro platform.

Remote management also helps you reduces deskside visits, right?

In a small clinic, the reduction in deskside visits for those systems with an Intel Core vPro processor delivers a substantial cost-savings for us — especially as we grow.

Medical clinics of our size typically don't have an in-house IT person. The Intel vPro platform lets me leverage myself, as it were, to be efficient with what I’m doing and access systems quickly when they have issues.

How about patching?

Drivers, firmware patches and BIOS updates are things I handle on the weekends. And there are always PCs that don’t play well after you update them. For example, they may not reboot properly after an update. Or, if I’m rebooting one, it may lock up because the patch may not have installed properly.

With Intel Active Management Technology and KVM [keyboard, video monitor, mouse] Remote Control, I now have access to those computers.

Why have you standardized on Dell PCs?

I like Dell. And it’s nice to standardize on a single provider, so I can practically work on a system with my eyes closed.

Also, I've gotten great support from Dell in terms of parts replacement. I know the other manufacturers are good, but I like Dell best.

In addition to the Intel vPro platform and Dell PCs, are there other resources you recommend?

Spiceworks [a marketplace for tech buyers and sellers] has great capabilities in the reporting and inventory areas.

I can quickly look into a machine and see every piece of hardware and software installed on it, check its MAC [media access control] address, and then to be able to run a report and say, “I want to see the top 10 computers with the least amount of free disk space.” That’s the value of Spiceworks to me.

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