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Q&A: How PCSS keeps small-biz clients up and running with Intel vPro

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by Intel on 05/05/2022
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When PCs crash, a small business feels it every bit as much as a big enterprise, maybe even more. That’s why PCSS LLC of Covington, Va., a provider of IT services to local small businesses, is so keen on the Intel vPro Platform.

PCSS finds that PCs based on Intel vPro are inoperable 80% less often than other PCs — an average of 2 minutes of downtime per month compared with 10.

When OS problems occur, vPro-based PCs get resolved 55% faster than other PCs — in 20 minutes on average instead of 45. And they require PCSS to make 66% fewer deskside visits — just 1 a month compared with 3 for other PCs.

To learn more, we spoke with PCSS’s founder and president, Nick Moga.

Nick Moga, president of PCSS

Nick Moga, president of PCSS

How does the Intel vPro platform help you reduces OS repair times by 55%?

Almost 80% of the issues we deal with are OS problems. Using Intel Active Management Technology, we can get under the OS faster and resolve issues more quickly.

We’re on the S end of SMB, meaning we deal with a lot of mom-and-pop shops. They don’t always want to upgrade. But when we show them the time savings that new hardware delivers — because of our ability to manage issues remotely, as well as the reliability —they will often let go of their old hardware.

The Intel vPro platform has helped you cut deskside visits by two-thirds. Why is that so important?

During the pandemic, we’ve relied on being able to remote into a system, where maybe five years ago we weren’t. It’s had a huge impact on our business — and on our ability to reach clients.

The ability to remote into a PC makes us more efficient, so the time savings goes right to our bottom line. But we’re also serving customers faster, so it’s a win-win.

Many of our customers are government, education, and nonprofit. So when we’re more efficient, it helps everybody.

How have you sped patching by over 40%?

The Intel vPro platform frees up our techs to dig more deeply into systems, because they can handle more systems more efficiently.

One way is that they can make sure the systems are patched — especially with remote systems that are turned off. We can use Intel Endpoint Management Assistant to remote into a system, turn it on, and patch it. It’s really been a lifesaver with businesses that are keeping remote employees.

We’ve also adopted a zero trust security approach. Adapting PCs with the Intel vPro platform is a big deal for us — and a crucial part of our security stack.

You recommend Lenovo PCs. Why is that?

Lenovo makes good stuff, and we like their warranties. They’re good for us and our clients. Lenovo also has a very good support system.

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