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Q&A: How PC Technika manages remote PCs with Intel vPro technology

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by Intel on 04/27/2020
Blog Category: Devices

Looking for a better way to support customers remotely, and without the need to make on-site visits? Take a lesson from tech provider Filip Jirousek. Even before the pandemic began, he found a way to reduce on-site customer visits by 50%.

And he did it with the remote management in Intel vPro technology.

That gives a big boost to the company Jirousek founded in 2000 and now heads. Called PC Technika, it provides managed IT services, consulting and support to customers in the cities of Raleigh, Cary and Durham, N.C.

PC Technika’s services for both businesses and consumers include computer maintenance and upgrades, networking, virus removal, data backup and recovery, and remote support and monitoring.

To learn more about how PC Technika uses Intel vPro technology for remote manageability, we spoke with Filip Jirousek.

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How does the remote manageability offered by Intel vPro technology help you to help your customers?

Being able to remotely turn on machines after hours allows our customers to save money on power. This means the computers go from being on 24 hours a day, to only using power 8 to 10 hours a day. With PCs built on the Intel vPro platform, we’re also able to work on machines after hours, saving our customers from having downtime during business hours.

How about reducing the need for on-site visits?

Raleigh is a large city with heavy traffic, and we can waste a lot of time if we have to travel on-site. Using the Intel vPro platform allows us to save on travel time, as we’re able to work remotely and work with multiple customers at the same time. We wouldn’t be able to multitask like this if we had to be on-site for every issue.

For those of your customers now shopping for new work-from-home laptops, how are you advising them to support remote manageability?

For all of our business clients, we’re recommending PCs equipped with the Intel vPro platform. It’s a game changer. Before, we had difficulty scheduling customers when we were busy, and less-critical issues were delayed. Now, using managed services and Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), we can resolve these issues faster, making our clients happy. Without being able to work remotely, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

You work closely with Lenovo. Why is that?

We use Lenovo computers for several reasons. Their products are high-quality and rock-solid. They are great to work with. Lenovo never sells at lower prices than their providers. The company is innovative. And they are an industry leader.

Thanks, Filip!

Get on board with remote manageability: Explore the Intel vPro platform.



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