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Q&A: How Mobile IT Force keeps Hawaii systems rolling with Intel vPro

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by Intel on 07/21/2022
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Honolulu is a great place for a vacation, but a lot of work gets done there, too. Keeping the IT of local businesses up and running is the task of Mobile IT Force.

Founded in 2009, the company originally served local government and education customers. Today Mobile IT Force also resells computer systems and provides related services to small businesses and consumers.

Mobile IT Force has recently started deploying PCs based on the Intel vPro platform, and the resulting benefits have been impressive.

They include a 75% reduction in the average time needed to solve an OS problem, a 67% reduction in the average monthly PC downtime, and a nearly 70% reduction in the number of monthly deskside visits. 

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To learn more, we spoke with the company’s president, William Chang, and senior tech support engineer, Danny Weng.

William Change of Mobile IT Force

William Chang, president of Mobile IT Force

What’s your overall impressions of the Intel vPro platform?

William Chang: After trying it out, we’ll definitely be promoting vPro and EMA more to our customers. In fact, our customers are already requesting that they want vPro, so we don’t really need to be promoting it.

Danny Weng: Intel vPro is a game-changer for us.

How has Intel vPro helped you resolve OS problem faster?

Danny Weng: Being able to access the BIOS and the power-state options is a really big deal for us. We’ll use it at least a few times a day, and likely more than that. Having access to out-of-band KVM [keyboard, video, mouse] options was really useful, too, and it saved us a lot of time.

And how has Intel vPro help you lower you monthly PC downtime so dramatically?

Danny Weng: A major issue for us is when we leave updates and patches running overnight and an error occurs. The next day, the end user suffers downtime. In cases where we need to shut down PCs or enter the BIOS remotely, Intel EMA technology is very useful, cutting our time from three or four hours to just one.

And reducing patch saturation times?

Danny Weng: [With Intel vPro] some updates that used to require deskside visits are now fully performed remotely. We’re able to be more efficient with our updates and resolve any issues before end users get back in the morning.

Usually, the end users leave their machines on for us. But when they forget, we can turn the systems on and get the patches deployed without delay.

You like working with Lenovo. Why’s that?

William Chang: I really like the team we work with at Lenovo. We’ve been with them over 14 years, and they always stand with us to make sure issues get resolves. We’re also big fans of ThinkPads.

You’re also fans of D&H?

William Chang: I like D&H as our distributor because of the pricing. Plus, I had a great sales rep who was very responsive. We have a new person now, and they’re great too.

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