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Q&A: How MJP runs PC programs faster with Intel Optane memory

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by Intel on 12/10/2020
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In the blink of an eye. That’s how fast frequently used software programs can run on a properly configured PC.

Who says? MJP Technologies, an IT solutions provider based in Ventura, Calif. In business for more than 25 years, MJP has completed over 9,500 projects for some 1,000 customers.

Some of MJP’s customers asked for PCs that could boost their productivity, accelerate refreshes and help them grow their businesses. MJP’s solution? HP laptops loaded with Intel Optane memory H10 with solid state storage.

In MJP’s own tests, a laptop with Intel Optane memory launched applications up to 5 times faster than laptops without. The Intel Optane-equipped laptops also loaded workbooks up to 2.5 times faster.

MJP Technologies

To learn more, we spoke recently with MJP’s VP of new technologies, Jas Batra. Here are highlights from our interview.

Jas Batra of MSP Technologies

Jas Batra, VP of new technologies, MJP Technologies

What type of customer and applications did you select to test the Intel Optane memory H10?

We deployed an HP Dragonfly with Intel Optane memory H10 with Solid State Storage on a U.S. Navy research vessel. This ship, based in our area, makes research trips out into the Pacific Ocean. There’s a lab on board, and they also use their PCs to drive remotely operated underwater vehicles.

How did you test the solution?

We tested the HP Dragonfly against a six-month-old Lenovo laptop. Both were equipped with the same SSD. The difference was, the HP Dragonfly had the Intel Optane memory H10, and the Lenovo laptop did not.

We tested app load times and the speed of switching between users. Each PC had multiple users, each with their own Active Directory login. These users often leave applications running between sessions, which can slow a system down.

With reduced launch times and fast user-switching times, there is no doubt that Intel Optane H10-based systems can increase the productivity of every user. It created time for them, and they normally have very limited time available.

How did your customer respond?

All the users were impressed with the HP laptop’s performance in comparison to the Lenovo system. The HP system greatly improved productivity, and that creates more time for them. If they’re wasting time waiting for a PC to load an app or document, that takes away from their research work.

How does this solution fit into your company’s managed services offering?

In terms of the HP Dragonfly, it will be easy to discuss with clients that haven’t already standardized on other brands. The device’s design, weight and overall form factor make it easy to use, especially with the integrated privacy screen.

Intel Optane memory H10 will be an easy sell, too. Especially when we can point out the gains for literally any form factor.

Why HP?

We’ve had good experiences with the HP Dragonfly. The number of features available on this system, along with the integrated privacy screen, make it excellent for business users.

We also have a lot of hospital customers, and for them, privacy is key. So this would be an easy sell to them, as well.


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