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Q&A: How MIS Choice speeds PCs with Intel Optane memory

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by Intel on 11/24/2020
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When does a PC with just 4GB of memory outperform another system with 16GB? When that first device uses Intel Optane memory.

So finds MIS Choice Inc., a managed service provider based in Schaumberg, Ill., roughly 30 miles northwest of Chicago. Founded in 1999, the company today provides services that include managed IT, tech support, strategic procurement and cloud.

As part of its PC-refresh work, MIS Choice has been testing Intel Optane memory. This technology closes the gap between traditional memory and storage, providing PCs with both speed and capacity, and at a low price.


To learn more about this memory test, we spoke recently with MIS Choice’s chief operating officer, Reginald Pruitt. The following are highlights from our discussion.

Reginald Pruitt of MIS Choice

Reginald Pruitt, COO, MIS Choice

How did MIS Choice evaluate Intel Optane memory?

We implemented a Lenovo Tiny PC equipped with Intel Optane memory for a healthcare provider. This particular customer was coming up on a refresh of some of their hardware. They typically refresh 40 units at a time, so we wanted to see their interest in using Intel Optane memory-equipped systems. The Tiny system integrated well with their model for nurses’ stations.

What was the client’s result?

Their startup time was much faster. I was impressed because the system only had 4 GB of RAM. When we sell systems, we typically recommend 8 GB of RAM as a minimum, and 16 GB as the ideal. But the 4GB Intel Optane memory-equipped PC ran faster than an SSD hard drive with 16 GB of RAM. This system worked perfectly. I was really surprised at how fast it was — and so was my client.

Does Intel Optane memory offer good value for money?

Absolutely. Our client won’t have to buy the extra memory we would have typically recommended in the past. That’s due to the performance of Intel Optane memory. Our clients will spend less and get better performance. You simply can’t argue with the price point. The startup time on the system with Intel Optane memory changed from a minute and a half to under 20 seconds. This kind of speed will sell our clients on the product.

Does Intel Optane memory help you accelerate PC refresh?

Our healthcare provider client was happy with the system speed, and when they do their next refresh, they’re looking forward to getting more units like the one we deployed. For efficiency, it helps to have a machine that reacts quickly. PCs equipped with Intel Optane memory help clients save time and money.

You specify Lenovo PCs. Why?

We’ve been with Lenovo for about 15 years. We’re a reseller, so we have a good relationship with Lenovo. Not only do we provide our clients with Lenovo, but everyone in our company also uses Lenovo systems. We like the way they look and how well they perform. Lenovo has different size models to match customer needs, and the machines are durable.

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