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Q&A: How MESHD keeps healthcare customers compliant with the Intel vPro platform

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by Intel on 08/10/2022
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For MESHD MSP of Knoxville, Tenn., building IT systems for healthcare compliance is a top job.

For another top job, keeping customers’ PCs up and running, MESHD relies on the Intel vPro platform.

MESHD focuses almost exclusively on providing solutions that help healthcare providers in its region achieve, manage and maintain HIPAA compliancy.

If you’re unfamiliar with HIPAA, that’s short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Passed in 1996, it’s a U.S. law that aims to modernize the flow of healthcare information while also protecting that information against fraud and theft.

To help its customers with HIPAA compliance, MESHD MSP offers services including email encryption, cloud server compliance, secured network access and electronic records. 


Specifying PCs with the Intel vPro platform has helped MESHD reduce the average time it needs to resolve a hardware problem by nearly 65%, increase by 2.5x the number of PCs each of its technicians can manage, and nearly cut in half the time it needs to get a customer to 95% patch saturation.

To learn more, we spoke with David Vu, a MESHD account executive.

How is remote diagnosis with the Intel vPro platform and Intel EMA helping your business?

Being able to remotely diagnosis hardware issues is really helpful to us. Before, we needed to send out techs just to find out what was going on. That’s a huge waste of resources—especially with high gas prices.

Every truck roll we avoid with remote management is a savings to our bottom line. It means we can take care of more tickets because our techs aren’t stuck in their trucks or on-site with clients. It’s a huge value add, because hiring and training techs is expensive. This way, our existing staff can do more in less time.

How does the Intel vPro platform help you to lower customers’ PC downtime?

Downtime is critical for our healthcare customers, so it’s super-helpful for us to be able to push repairs after hours, even if end users shut down their computers at the end of the day.

Also, in the event a repair has to be done during office hours, we now can send a shutdown command remotely. That’s instead of instructing users to hold down the power button.

How does it help with patching?

Our clients are frustrated when we have to ask them to shut down their PCs for us. So with Intel vPro and EMA, we’re able to instead force reboots and power-on PCs to patch devices right away. We don’t have to wait for users to do anything manually.

Your company selects PCs from Lenovo. Why’s that?

Lenovo has always been more reliable than other manufacturers, and they send replacement parts quickly. Inventory-wise, they’ve also been the best option. They provide a better margin for us, too.

You also like working with distributor D&H?

Yes, D&H has always been a hands-on firm. They really care about customer service.

We also have customers who use their DaaS offering. It’s easier on us financially, and it means customers are already in the mindset of paying monthly for their hardware, and having it taken care of for them.

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