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Q&A: How Logically manages PCs remotely with Intel vPro and Intel EMA

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by Intel on 08/12/2021
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Remote management has never been so important. With so many people now working from home, remote management has moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

This change has brought Intel’s vPro platform with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) into focus.

The Intel vPro platform is built for business. It offers high-performing processors, built-in security, and remote manageability of devices that are out-of-band, on-prem or off-prem.

And Intel EMA software lets you remotely and securely manage devices beyond the firewall via the cloud on known Wi-Fi networks.

Faster is better

One company taking advantage of all this Intel tech is Logically Inc., a managed services provider (MSP) based in Portland, Maine. Founded 22 years ago, Logically today operates in 9 states across the U.S.

Using Intel technology, Logically has reduced the average time it needs to resolve a hardware problem by 66%. Cut the average time needed to achieve patch saturation by 95%. And reduced its customers’ average PC downtime from 9 minutes a month to just 2, a 78% reduction.

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To learn more, we spoke recently with Logically’s chief security officer and co-founder, Mike Williams. Following are edited highlights from our interview.

Mike WIlliams, CSO and co-founder of Logically Inc.

Mike Williams, CSO and co-founder, Logically

You’ve used Intel vPro technology and its remote-management capabilities for a number of years. How does Intel Endpoint Management Assistant make things even better?

We like the Intel vPro platform, and we’ve used it quite a bit over the years. For us, the standalone cloud version of Intel EMA is going to be really powerful. As an MSP, we’re set up to support 1,500 clients.

By leveraging Intel EMA in the cloud, we can easily manage all 1,500 of those clients and not need an onsite proxy. Any time we can centrally manage in a multitenant environment and access all of our clients, that’s very powerful.

How does Intel technology help you to better reach the growing numbers of out-of-office workers?

Especially now with COVID, we have clients working remote from their offices and we couldn’t connect to them. Having that ability to get to their system would save our clients a lot of frustration and save us time.

Now with the Intel vPro platform and Intel EMA, we can get down to the BIOS level on a workstation, no matter where it’s located. We’re not terribly big into digital signage or IoT appliances, but being able to have that remote control from anywhere could be a definite advantage.

How did Intel technology help you reduce hardware downtime by 66%?

Within managed services we’re always looking for efficiency. Anytime we need to roll a truck, that means we need to pull a tech and we lose productivity. It costs exponentially more to go onsite, and it can make us less responsive to other customers.

With Intel EMA, we can get in there remotely and fix the problem in a much shorter time frame, and that leads to happier customers. If an onsite fix is only 10 minutes, but we spend 90 minutes on travel time, a tech can’t move onto the next 10-minute fix — and then we’ve also lost an opportunity to support more clients.

How about resolving patching and customer power-downs?

Security is a primary focus at Logically. One of the fundamental tasks is keeping systems up to date on patching. These patches need to be applied and completed within defined patch windows. Being able to power a system on and off is very helpful.

You work with Kaseya’s suite of management, security and backup software. What’s the advantage?

The quicker we solve something, the more profitable we are — and Kaseya helps us with that. We’ve been diligent in sticking with Kaseya, and they’ve been diligent sticking with us.

Kaseya understands not only where we are, but also where we’re going. And as we grow, they’ve been great supporting us with additional resources.

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