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Q&A: How GRIT Technologies looks like heroes with Intel vPro remote management

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by Intel on 06/14/2022
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For GRIT Technologies, a managed services provider based in Grand Rapids, Mich., helping small and midsized businesses (SMBs) get the most from their technologies is Job 1.

And one way GRIT does that is with Intel technology. GRIT’s customers throughout Michigan have deployed over 500 PCs based on Intel Core vPro technology, which includes Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT).

The Intel advantage for GRIT? Better functionality and lower cost of delivering service. The company has found that on PCs based on Intel Core vPro technology, compared with non-vPro PCs, hardware problems take 50% less time while resolving software issues take 75% less time.

GRIT Technologies

To learn more, we spoke recently with GRIT’s network operations center manager, Jason Zurro (pictured below), who’s been with the company since 2016.

Jason Zurro of GRIT Technologies

How does the Intel vPro platform help you deliver value to your customers?

About 5 years ago, I saw how powerful the Intel vPro platform was, and we made it a standard. We have a lot of tools in our remote toolkit, but there are some tasks—like getting into the BIOS or turning on systems for patching—that only Intel AMT can handle for us.

Without the Intel vPro platform, if there were 20 systems that did not get patched over a weekend because they were inadvertently shut off, then I’d have to chase those patches on a Monday morning once users booted their PCs.

Downloading a patch before launching a task can slow down a user’s productivity, but it can also affect the speed of the entire network when twenty systems are all downloading patches at the same time. Instead, the Intel vPro platform saves me from installing patches during business hours and makes my job less challenging.”

How about getting more bandwidth from your staff?

The Intel vPro platform helps our technicians at GRIT as they begin to update customer PCs to Windows 11. The new OS requires activation of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) before we can install the update.

With Intel AMT, we can remotely access the BIOS, turn on TPM, and then install Windows 11. So instead of a technician going to a client site and physically activating TPM on each system, we can manage it remotely. That’s huge. We can update a whole company in a single night.

Imagine you’re provisioning 100 PCs for a refresh. The Intel vPro platform would make that so much easier. Quite simply, it accelerates our ability to scale, and it frees our technicians from running desk-to-desk. It’s another powerful tool that gives us remote visibility into a system.

Everyone wants to improve productivity. Does Intel vPro technology help with that?

Some of our technicians bill out at almost $200 per hour. If they had to drive 90 minutes to a client site and then 90 minutes back to the office, that would be a significant dollar impact for our company, and a productivity impact for our clients and technicians.

While there are some PCs that might never need remote access, the fact that it’s there with the Intel vPro platform means that when I do need it, we can remote in. Instead of rolling a truck, we can look like heroes.

You recommend Lenovo PCs. Why’s that?

We typically sell the Lenovo Mini. It’s small, so it fits on a desk or the back of a monitor. Our customers love the compact size.

Plus, Lenovo’s support is phenomenal. It gives us 24x7 support that’s easy to navigate. Within my first call, I’m usually speaking with an engineer.

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