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Q&A: How BT Mack improves PC performance at low cost with Intel Optane technology

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by Intel on 09/28/2020
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“Contain the complexity.” That’s the slogan of BT Mack Technology Group, an Ogden, Utah-based tech provider, founded in 2007, that specializes in three markets: travel plazas, K-12 schools and small businesses.

It’s now specifying PCs using Intel Optane technology to significantly improve performance at a low cost.

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To learn why BT Mack has made this move, we spoke recently with the company’s founder and CEO, Larry Welch. Following are highlights from our discussion.

Larry Welch of BT Mack Technology Group

Larry Welch, founder and CEO, BT Mack Technology Group

How did you initially evaluate Intel Optane technology?

We used a Lenovo system equipped with Intel Optane memory for a home-construction company, Kartchner Homes. They do a lot of web-based CRM work, floor-plan designs, and project management, as well as a lot of QuickBooks and spreadsheets.

We tested Intel Optane memory on the CFO’s PC. The CFO has as many as 15 to 20 spreadsheets open at a time. Before we enabled the Intel Optane memory, he was frustrated with the poor performance and slow loading time.

And the result of this test?

After the Intel Optane memory was deployed, the CFO noticed a major difference. When he turned off Optane, the PC would freeze trying to run everything. But with Optane on, the PC ran flawlessly. He thought the PC performed as fast as a workstation with an SSD. So we’ve sold them on Intel Optane with its efficiency.

How does Intel Optane technology help your customers save money?

This particular client wants to be sure they’re saving money. Some of the heavy users in the company have not upgraded their systems yet. But now that the CFO has seen the performance of Intel Optane memory, we expect that he’ll authorize those upgrades. The company is impressed with the performance, which saves them time and money.

Would you recommend PCs equipped with Intel Optane memory to your other clients?

We do have other clients who would be interested in using PCs featuring Intel Optane memory. For example, we work with an insurance company that is soon moving to a new building. They’ll want to upgrade to all new PCs at the new office, and we’ll recommend Intel Optane memory to improve their efficiency.

Why do you prefer PCs from Lenovo?

We use Lenovo as our primary OEM. The company’s reliability and performance have been great, especially the Tiny units and the small form factors. Lenovo also has great customer support. We’re impressed with Lenovo’s overall performance.

Ready to help your customers improve PC performance at low cost? Check out Intel Optane technology for personal computing.


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