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Q&A: How Blue Tree Technology patches PCs faster with Intel vPro technology

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by Intel on 10/09/2020
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Whenever a customer's PC goes down, the faster you can get them back up, the happier your customer will be.

So just think how happy the customers of Blue Tree Technology are. This solutions provider, based in Riverside, Missouri, has found that by using PCs with Intel vPro technology, it has shortened customers’ hardware repair times by 83%, and OS repair times by 89%.

That’s smart — highly appropriate for a company whose tagline is “Smarter IT for a smarter business.”

Blue Tree Technology

To find out how Blue Tree Technology did it, we spoke recently with the company’s manager of client relations, Tom Noon. Following are highlights from our discussion.

Tom Noon of Blue Tree Technology

Tom Noon, client relations manager, Blue Tree Technology

Why does Blue Tree recommend PCs built on the Intel vPro platform?

Any tool that helps us do our job better and faster – like the remote capabilities of Intel vPro technology – helps us tremendously. Especially as we grow and get more and more remote customers, Intel vPro-based PCs become essential.

Our customers expect us to tell them what they need to support their business. A vPro-based PC is one of those tools that’s easy to recommend. Intel vPro reduces the amount of PC downtime our customers experience, and that increases their productivity.

How have you reduced hardware repair times by 83%?

With a PC based on Intel vPro technology, we can diagnose what’s wrong remotely, and without having to walk the end user through an over-the-phone process.

Simple things — like a boot hanging up on a thumb drive — now take us just 10 minutes to fix, instead of spending 60 minutes on a truck roll.

This also allows us to avoid a diagnostic visit. When we do visit, we can take the right part the first time.

And how have you reduced OS repair times by 89%?

Intel vPro technology’s hardware-based KVM Remote Control lets us repair blue-screened PCs remotely from our desk. That saves a lot of time.

Without vPro, our remote capabilities in this situation are very limited. A typical blue screen would take us an hour and a half to resolve. But with vPro’s KVM Remote Control, we can reduce that to just 10 minutes.

How about reducing the number of deskside visits?

We have customers all over the Kansas City metro area in two states. Before we used vPro-based PCs, we would lose 90 minutes for an average truck roll. Now, with vPro’s remote capabilities, we can eliminate 3 out of 4 of those deskside visits. And any time my technicians are not on the road, they can be working on other projects and service tickets.

How about improved security and compliance through faster patching?

When we have to rely on users to leave their PCs on overnight so that we can patch, it’s hit or miss. We end up chasing failed patches.

But with Intel vPro technology, that allows us to power-on those machines remotely, then get them successfully patched. This saves us time. It also keeps our clients more secure. Especially for our clients working in a HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] environment, this is critical.

Do you get more value from the Datto RM remote monitoring and management platform?

We’ve used other remote-management tools, but we switched to Datto RMM because we use Datto Autotask as our PSA [professional services automation] platform. We needed a single pane of glass to manage our business. Datto’s integration of Intel vPro technology’s remote capabilities just adds to the platform’s value.

Why do you specify Intel vPro technology-based PCs from Dell as your standard?

Dell is a key partner for us. Their systems are very reliable. Also, we like the way Dell keeps a model line going for a long time. It makes management of our systems easier. With less variety in the installed base, our systems are easier to manage.

Also, Dell’s warranty service is great. Plus, whenever we have a special need, such as a 3D modeling solution, Dell is there with recommendations and the right specs.

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