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Q&A: How BizTech Plus keeps customers happy, costs low with Intel vPro

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by Intel on 09/26/2022
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Offering tech support can be expensive. Especially if you have to make on-site visits every time your customers have an issue.

One tech provider, BizTech Plus Inc., has gotten around that issue by specifying PCs based on the Intel vPro platform.

BizTech Plus offers tech support to small and medium businesses in and around Sacramento, Calif. Its services include backups, on-site administration and disaster-recovery planning.

Faster, cheaper

By deploying PCs based on Intel vPro, BizTech Plus is providing some of those services a whole lot faster. For example, the time needed to resolve a PC hardware problem has been cut from 150 minutes to 60 minutes. That’s a 60% improvement.

Similarly, BizTech can now resolve an OS problem with Intel vPro in just 60 minutes on average, down from 180 minutes. That’s a 67% improvement.

Customers’ PCs stay up and running longer, too. BizTech says average PC downtime has dropped from 20 minutes a month without Intel vPro to just 3 minutes a month with. That’s 87% better.

To learn more, we spoke recently with Brent Lindke, VP, CFO and founder of BizTech Plus. This interview has been lightly edited for readability.

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Q: What are the main benefits you’ve enjoyed with the Intel vPro platform?

Intel vPro helps to make our business more efficient. It does this by significantly reducing our travel time and enabling us to do more tasks remotely.

Intel vPro also lowers our clients’ costs. They can avoid downtime during working hours and keep running their business.

Q: How do you resolve hardware and software problems faster with Intel vPro?

Before vPro, we almost always had to go on-site to resolve issues. That meant a lot of travel, which slows us down and adds cost.

Now, using Intel vPro, we can resolve most issues remotely. Even when we do have to go on-site, Intel vPro allows us to get more information. That way, we can take along the right tools and hardware

We can also update drivers and BIOS remotely with Intel vPro and Intel EMA. That’s helped us cut our deskside visits from once a month to once every 4 months. That reduction in travel time delivers a huge cost savings for us.

Q: How about reducing PC downtime?

Our networks have been pretty bulletproof. But there are still times when computers have issues. With Intel vPro, we can get into the BIOS to make changes after hours. Nobody even knows we were there.

Q: You’re a big fan of Lenovo PCs. Why’s that?

When I started BizTech Plus, I considered several computer manufacturers and found their pricing was similar. But then I looked at how long it took to get help when there was a problem. I found that Lenovo is much faster.

My longest support call with Lenovo has been an hour. On average, I can talk with them for just 30 minutes, and then all the parts I need will be on the way.

Q: You also like working with D&H, right?

Yes, D&H has been our distributor of choice since we started in 2008. They have the products we need, they’re responsive and they’re personable.

Also, our D&H rep looks out for us and finds discounts. He’s personally involved in helping us make money.

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