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Q&A: How AXE Creatives offers smart solutions with Intel vPro, Intel EMA

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by Intel on 10/06/2022
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“Smart people, smart solutions” is the tagline of AXE Creatives, an MSP based in Hauppauge, N.Y. With customers on Long Island, New York City and New Jersey, the company has since 1988 offered IT support, security and cloud services.

AXE Creatives

AXE also relies on PCs based on the Intel vPro platform with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA). Intel technology has helped AXE cut the number of deskside visits it needs to make by 75%. With Intel’s help, AXE has also cut the time it needs to resolve an OS problem in half.

How? To find out, we spoke recently with AXE’s president and CEO, Anthony Catanzaro.

Q: How have the Intel vPro platform and Intel EMA helped you to improve PC service?

The Intel vPro platform and Intel EMA are especially helpful for us in serving clients that are an hour or more away, as well as those who need to be up and running 24/7. We can troubleshoot for them at any time—without rolling a truck and without a multi-hour delay.

Q: How did you shorten the time needed to resolve OS problems by 50%?

If a client’s PC blue-screens and we need to load an alternative OS or install drivers, the integrated KVM [keyboard, video, mouse] tools enable us to do that at the BIOS level. And that’s without a deskside visit, which is how we’ve cut resolution time in half.

Using the BIOS tools also helps us reduce the time we need to resolve a customer’s hardware problems. If we do need to visit the customer onsite, those tools also ensure that we take the right part the first time. That eliminates the need for additional truck rolls later.

Q: How have you cut the number of deskside visits you make by 75%?

With Intel vPro, we’re able to do a lot more of our troubleshooting remotely, without having to send trucks. In fact, the only time we really have to send technicians out is when we need to replace physical parts. That’s been great for both us and our clients.

Q: You’ve reduced the time needed to achieve 95% patch saturation by up to 50%. How?

Patch management is where Intel vPro really shines. It’s a lot more efficient than other methods because we can go directly through the operating system. That speeds the patch process considerably. It also enables us to spend less time chasing failed patches.

Q: You like PCs from HP. Why's that?

We’ve been an HP partner for decades. As a relatively small firm, we find it helpful to have similar hardware deployed at all our clients, versus trying to figure out what each one has. So HP is our go-to.

Q: How about your relationship with distributor TD Synnex?

We prefer TD Synnex for their customer service. We've had a dedicated sales representative for several years, and we value that long-term relationship. TD Synnex is the first one to get our call.

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